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So I know everyone has their own rules they follow when they first start texting each other. So which are yours? I usually don't answer right away lol wait a little drives them crazy I don't know if that's bad or good haha but I just can't help it! and this guy I thnk is doing the same and I am totally not liking it lol


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  • I'm getting hang of texting and I love it. It comes handy when you're too busy to call each other and still keep you inform of his day. Usually if I initiate the text and If he is not busy or something he'll return my text immediately. I don't like playing game when it comes texting and also you can't really tell if he is playing or not interested in you because you can't hear the other person voice. Now calling I wouldn't mind playing a little game with him because when he calls me at least I can hear his voice and can tell if he is nervous or interested in me.


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  • Stop these text games, it drives us guys mad! I hate these games and it makes me feel the girl is either not interested or playing difficult, which pisses me off. Flirt and text as normal. ring up and meet up. Don't play games, the modern guy is getting sick of that rubbish!

  • I don't send texts at all because I think it's stupid. And if a girl texts me I wait until I'm able to actually pick up the phone and call her to get back to her.

  • Hate playing mind games and s***

  • You get back what you do. lol Games return more games. hahaha. Next time you guys meet just say " I hate games. I don't wanna play games and I don't want anyone to play games with me." Everything would be chill after that.

  • Girls are dumb. Why play games? If you want to talk to the guy, talk to him. If you wait and take a bunch of time, that's just being rude, it's not "playing a game." You don't do that on the phone or in person do you? So why do it with texting. And as far as you "just doing what the guy does," that doesn't make any sense. What if the guy is busy when you text him? What if he's at work, or at a movie with some friends, or hanging out with the family? Girls always play stupid games which is stupid. You're not going to make you want him more. You're either going to piss him off, or give him the impression that you don't like him. If you want a guy to like you, flirt with him and show him that you're interested.

    But stop making up these stupid rules and stupid games that you "think" make guys want you more, but really just show that you're rude and insensitive, and usually just make the guy think you're not interested, and move on to a girl who doesn't play games.

    • Haha well sometimes we just want to know if the guy really likes us and not just texting me like he does to every other girl! that's just the way it is for the first week

    • Wow somebody has had a bad xperience lol^ lol

  • My texting rules:

    1. I'll text you & flirt with you. If you're interested you flirt back.

    2. If you're not I delete your number and find another girl.

    And I probably have more success because of it.

  • If a girl doesn't anwser my text within 20-30 min I text another girl and if she answers then I really don't care if you anwser back. maybe I'm inpatient. But DONT PLAY GAMES we know your phone is on you and your always using it

    • ah totally agree with you. I don't do it anymore, dealt with a guy who does it and that was notttttt fun. Dropped him pretty fast, never doing it again

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  • I don't even think its a game I think its called just being lazy and will text back later lol or that's jus me but most people do it because they think they aren't important enuff to get back or are just busy or something but I still hate it when someone doesn't text back xecially when its important its like wtf? I hate it when I text someone and were in the middle of a good convo and they just stop txtn then the next day you ask why they didn't text back and they say they were sleep! I wish people will at least say they are tired and wanna go to sleep so ill stop txtn them instead of them just getting sleepier and sleepier then stop txtn back period jeeez but I honestly like text more then talking on the phone weird but true because then you don't have to deal with awkward silence but with text you get to think of things to say and even delete what your saying without them knowing what you said until you send it you can't do that on the phone you'll sound crazy lol

  • What? Texting game? How old are we? Wow, yeah! I have never heard of a "texting game". I mean when someone texts me I answers right away if I can. Sometimes I may need to think about the answer or something I'm busy and can't reply right away. But making a game out of it sounds silly to me.Now, if I text someone and they don't text me within24 hours the next time they text me I do not text them for 24 hrs. but that's about the only RULE I have.

  • In general, I don't like texting, but I usually tell the guy I'm with that. ie. I wouldn't want him texting my like more than 10 texts because I would find that annoying. That's why I don't like texting for the reason you have mentioned and other reasons, I'm pretty impatient and it gets me and then I wouldn't want to talk to them afterwards.

  • If I text first I wait to see how long it takes him to respond and I follow that. Lol. I think he does the same though. If he texts first and I respond immediately, he responds immediately. If not, then he waits about the same amount of time or more. And sometimes if its a racy convo he totally calls me out or I call him out if we take too long to respond. Why do we play these games? haha

  • i think playing games with guys heads is stupid. ur only asking them to play games with you. I think you should just answer his txts when you can, and be yourself. there shouldnt be games involved. that's how messages get mixed and confused. and then people end up hurt. be up front and honest. its rly the best way.

  • I hate the text game. It plays with my emotions and guys are beginning to get aggravated with it. What is so hard about as soon as you get the text send a reply or give a direct answer. Text games drive me. I would prefer to be straight up and real. It all depends on the person. Some play games and some don't. Me particularly I hate games.

  • then tell him you don't like it