Lady's, what is up with the texting games? I mean really C'mon!

When guys don't get texts back, we move on. We aren't going to chase you more if you don't reply back. That shows you're not interested. I've had some girls ask me why I stopped talking to them, but they just didn't get the fact THEY DIDN'T Reply back. Don't expect us to f***ing wait for you forever or harass you. If you want it, get it, if not f*** off. If you want to play a game, do something that isn't misleading.

P.S if you say "you're looking for women in the wrong places" just beware that I am not a clubber,a party goer, or anything of that nature, nor do I enjoy being in the company of drunks.


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  • I think the problem is that there is so much relationship misinformation out there in terms of advice. Women are told to not call, not text him and play aloof because if she texts him back right away, calls him or is eager to see him, it makes her look desperate.

    No one wants to play games, but I think the problem is that a girl who is asking why you didn't text back really wants to be with you. That is a good sign. I agree with you though, a girl not texting you back would make me think too that the person didn't like me. My boyfriend did that, it took me forever to realize he just doesn't contact. So it can be hard, since everyone is so different. Personally, I am trying to get him to work on that, especially since he doesn't see me all the time. A little contact helps keep a relationship alive.

    Men are told this information too, it's just coming back to bite us all in the butt. Best thing to do is be direct with the women you are meeting. Let them know you hate this crap, let them know what you like in a relationship, this is a good way to weed a person out. Some may think it's too direct, but then you are still playing the game.

    Best thing to do is be upfront and put it out there. Get to know the person and if they aren't a good fit, let them go. :)

    • I sent her this, what do you think? (Via email, gave her benefit of the doubt)

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    • Thansk for BA! Sorry it didn't work out, but if she was playing games, maybe it's for the best?

    • Eh don't be sorry, either she is very insecure, or stupid. In either case, I wrote her off as after knowing she read what I had sent. I don't feel bad, next date is already arranged. Besides, I don't need an extremely insecure chick xD.

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  • I tend to find that more guys play texting games than girls do...

    • I'm not into it at all. I respond ASAP. I don't give direct answers constantly if its too detailed. I run over basics, details aren't given unless asked. E.G I went to a concert with some friends, decided to chill at the bmx track then crashed at his place.

      But either way, all the 10 chicks I've taken on dates, do this sh*t. It gets annoying as f***.

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    • yeah about 6 in a row. Might be the fact they're all blond or some sh*t. I mean I'll even date an average girl if she has some f***in personality. Last girl was like that, even had manners..although maybe I'm over reacting, just seems like she is ignoring me. Enough time to be on fb making status's obviously.

    • Take a deep breath and try again. I'm sure you'll find somebody; it's just not an easy all...for any of us! :-)

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  • yeah texting is really getting rather silly I find , not a gret way to communicate

    • Yeah, I've called this chick a few times. 3 times she answered, 2 times she called back because the call dropped. and 2 times she didn't even answer or call back. -.- not to mention ignoring questions.

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