What are examples of non-repliable texts

I want to know how to text "better" and also read how girls text as well. How can I avoid non-re-pliable texts and what are some examples of them?


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  • Do you want to avoid her sending you non-reply-able texts?

    If so, just ask (or send things) that can't be answered with one word answers, or just send random sh*t.

    I was texting to this guy earlier today that I have a thing for. I had absolutely no reason to text him I just wanted to talk to him. This is how our conversation went:

    Me: "I just stole a school bus full of cocaine and babies."

    Him: "Good to know those babies are in good hands now. God know what they could have done with all that coke."

    Me: "They would of probably snorted it. Babies are known to snort coke ya know."

    Him: "lol. That explains the correlation between the rise in teen pregnancies and sudden high demand in cocaine."

    Me: "That's just a coincidence. You know what else is a coincidence..."

    Then the convo leads into stuff I don't want to post lol.

    Not everyone can keep a random convo like this going, so your best bet is to just ask questions that can't be answered with simple answers. Also ask a lot of whys.


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  • Honestly if she isn't into you then it doesn't matter what you text she just might not reply at all. However, there are some conversation killers tat she might send for example, OK, k, lol, haha, cool, and basically anything else that does not require a detailed answer, comment or reply. I hope that helps :D

  • "haha" "cool" "ok"

  • Sometimes, girls will give you a one word reply just so you will change the conversation topic. She might want you to take it somewhere instead of her directing it.

  • if you answer or respond without putting a question.pretty basic.


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