What kind of physical escalation on a first date?

Hey all, answer this question based on your personal experiences:

What kind of physical escalation have you experienced with your partner on your 1st date (2nd, 3rd, etc)? For example, when you went out for the first time did y'all hold hands, kiss on the cheek, hug, make out, sex, what? I understand situations are different that allow for different levels of escalation but ill be happy with any answers. thanks!


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  • with my last guy, first date we didn't touch, we barely knew each other. second our legs were brushing a lot when we were sitting, then at the end of the date he kissed my cheeks really close and then we ended up kissing for real and that led to a make out hug then next time on our 3rd date we made out for real but I didn't let I'm under my clothes until 5th date and a few months until sex


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  • The majority of guys have tried getting in my pants between dates 1-3. It's disappointing to realize that's the only thing they're interested in, hence why I've never bothered to develop a relationship. Ideally it would be nice to get a hug on the first date, maybe a kiss on the cheek and let things slowly build from there.

    • oh my god I'm in that same boat...although I have had 2 boyfriends in the past, the first pressured me almost EVERY DAY (we never did, I was a virgin) to have sex and the second one we had sex like a week after we started hanging out. but every other guy I hangout with will try to somehow get me naked like the second time we hangout.

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    • No I agree there needs to be some kissing action by date 3 or I'll assume he's probably not interested. I was talking about trying to have sex between dates 1-3. Chances are you've known them for 3 weeks or less at that point which isn't any time at all to really get to know them and connect on a deeper level. So far I have yet to be proven wrong that there's more to it than being physical that early on, and I really do believe for a stronger relationship you should wait longer.

    • ok then. thanks!

  • Just hug on the first date.

  • First date just a hug. Second date was our first kiss which led to making out and sleeping ( no sex) on his couch. Fourth or fifth date we messed around, it was almost two months before we actually had sex.


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  • Personally, I don't think I'd ask a girl out for a second date if a kiss didn't happen on the first.

    • Ok I know a lot of people who feel similar. But for the sake of argument how do you feel about the female answers to this question?

    • For the sake of argument, I'd say that often people will say one thing, but go with another if they're feeling it. I respect their statements, but I still think I likely wouldn't ask for a second date unless there was a kiss.

    • hmm interesting. thanks!