My crush texts me little things about his day?

My crush texts me a lot (basically every day) and he always seems eager to talk to me- he mostly initiates texting me, and is eager to reply when I text (he texts back insanely fast), and seems like he wants to keep the conversation going for as long as he can. I think he just sees me as a friend and he has told someone that he likes talking to me. But the thing I don't get is, why he tells me so many details about his day, or if something little happens in his day he will text me about it. I don't mind at all, because I like him a lot, but why would a guy text a girl everything about his day? He does ask me how my day was too and asks me questions once in a while about myself but does it sound like I'm just a way to pass time or does it mean that he likes talking to me when he tells me a lot about himself?


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  • If he texts back fast, your not a time passer, your something more. Girls I enjoy talking to and consider dating I always text back faster. Sure if I'm only talking to one person and I'm not interested I'm not going to make them wait, but if I'm texting a group I tend to text the person that's more then a friend first. as for the little stuff, if you stop talking, then to initiate a convo he texts you something little about his day, he's doing this so he has reason to talk to you. if he's doing it in the midst of a daylong convo then that's just his personality. hope this helps!

    • His roommate is his best friend and he tells everything to him (his roommate is also a relative of mine). And his roommate said that as far as he knows, I'm the only girl he texts, or texts on a regular basis. So does that sound like I'm just a way to pass time?

      And I do think he uses the little things about his day to initiate a conversation, as he says something random about his day when we haven't talked for a couple hours.

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  • I would definitely say he is interested!

  • If he's texting back fast, it means he's probably not busy, and really likes that you're replying. You COULD be a time passer BUT my guess is that he likes you. The best thing to do here is just say "do you like me?". It's scary but it may help you get an idea, without admitting that you, yourself, do (he'll answer, but he won't know you do, he'll just think it's a question)

  • He likes you as more than a friend.


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