My crush seems to still be in love with her "past" boyfriend, or am I overthinking?


Hi everyone,

I really love this girl. I told her that 2 years ago and got rejected. She at that time told me she broke up with her boyfriend (bf1) then dated another guy (bf2) but at that moment she was single. She also said she was friends with bf1 and they traveled together that summer (but as friends).

We haven't been in contact for 2 years but I always stalks her on facebook and she knows it. Basically I watched all her stories (she unfriended me there but I don't know why kept her stories public)

Then I tried to talk to her again this September and after some refusing at first she finally accepted to talk. We really talk a lot about everything and I noticed that she seems interested: she stays up late to text with me and somestimes makes some little flirting. I'm not dreaming the interest is real.

The thing is I know she still travels with bf1 but she always hides that. I know that because I'm a freaking stalker but I bet no one else knows. Recently bf1 moved to another city and she visited him once some time after (yes I know I'm creepy). When I saw that on her stories (she still posted only photos of herself) I asked her why she traveled to that city and she said she did that for "some reason". She knows I still love her and still texts with me like every 2 days. I never mentioned my feelings for fear of being rejected again.

So could it happen that she and bf1 went back to each other? I can't ask her that. Can she simply be friends and travel with him as she once said? And why doesn't she tell me about him? If she likes me then she should stop traveling with bf1. If she doesn't like me then why not just let me know about him so that I'd get the hell out of there? Should I keep texting her?

Last weekend I tried to persuade her to meet and after some initial refusing she agreed to meet very late in the night at her place and we really talked happily...

Thanks a lot my friends

My crush seems to still be in love with her "past" boyfriend, or am I overthinking?
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