Apparently baseball is more important than me

Me and my boyfriend got in a fight last night that he caused. He texts me today, unapologetic, defending his reasons. I told him if he wants to talk things over he needs to call me or talk to me in person, Because I don't like talking bout this stuff over texting. He never replied, never called, nothing. But he is on fb going on about the giants world series game. I'm about 10 seconds from just dumping him. Should I just wait to see if he contacts me or just go ahead and end it?

Just so you people know I normally don't care about him watching sports. In fact I watched the first and second game with him. I am possed because he hasn't tried at all all day to make amends when it was his fault to begin with.


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  • It's game four of the World Series the Giants leading 3-0 in the series. Yes baseball is more important than you right now.

    • Yea, guess itll be SO important that he can risk being stuck using his hand when he's lonely at night too.

    • Did you even take the time to think if there are men on base? Jeez stop being so uptight.


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  • End it.

    A game is more important than you. Think about it. A game.

    I bet he is not that excited about going to church.

    The problem with women is you will reward his bad behavior with sex when he wants it. You were last on his list because simply put, you are not worth it. The game came first.

    Find someone who will cherish and place you first. If you don't think you are worth it, no one else will.

    Good luck

  • I'm gonna be honest.

    You sound like a possessive bitch. Who cares if he doesn't want to reconcile when you do? You gotta realize baseball has been a part of his life since he was a kid, and you? Most likely not.

    • The fight was the night before. He had all day before the game and all night after. And the fight stemmed from him being a possessive douche actually. So screw off before you start f***ing calling me a bitch. He insulted me and my child.

    • I can tell by the way you're replying to everyone that there's something wrong. You're doing him a favor by breaking up with him. You seem very high maintenance and demand alot.

    • Yea I'm so high maintenance. Because I should put up with a guy who belittles me, my friends, my son and has trust issues which I did not cause right? You don't even know anything about me so how can you say what I am? And before I couldn't give a crap when he wanted to watch sports or be with his friends. I saw him twice a week and never complained, but he freaks out on me for going to a part one night which I invited him to and hr didn't wanna go.

  • just relax before you make a rash decision. guys are different from girls, we really aren't one's for talking we're more for internalizing things and eventually letting them go. forcing him to talk about is just gonna cause more arguments. Plus they just won game 4 and the series so he is probably celebrating as we speak. don't take it personally

  • he probably thinks its your fault...

    • Well it wasn't because he started the whole argument

    • youre a bit biased.

    • On what grounds?

  • This is the anon guy's girlfriend. He is laughing at your question because I literally am pissed at watching sports ALL DAY LONG. If its not football its baseball or basketball. I'm so annoyed by it you have no clue. He can't give me the time of day because of sports. I feel you! End it! I'm -- this close to as well. PS (this is the bf...blah blah blah :P)

  • End it now so he can watch the last inning in peace. My girlfriend just blabbed crap about me watching it. Blah blah blah


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  • Don't break up with him. But don't be happy either. If it were me, I would let him be and don't make any contact with him at all. Don't reply to his text messages, and if he calls you then make up an excuse and get off the phone fast. Then the next time you see him tell him without getting emotional what he did to you and how that made you feel. This isn't about your fight any more. This is about you needing him and him not being there for you. Knowing guys, he probably is using the game to get his mind off of it all. Anyways, once you get your feelings all sorted out then discuss the fight you had. and remember that you should always pick and choose your battles. you can't win them all the time, and if it sounds like something you should just let go, then depending on how serious it is, just let it go. relationships are all about compromise. girls and guys are very different creatures, and every person is different as well. I wouldn't end it unless he mistreats you or he isn't willing to compromise with you. hope this helps you out. good luck

    • He did mistreat me. The fight stemmed from him being jealous and childish. I left him alone during baseball time. Then we talked today and he basically insulted me. So it's over, I'm not speaking to him.

    • that sucks. yeah if he did that then you did the right thing. sorry that happened to you.

  • Well, you could watch it with him...that's what I did. It's really no big deal and baseball's actually kind of fun to watch once you get into it.

    • I'm not mad at him for watching baseball. I'm mad because he did something f***ed up towards me last night and hasn't tried to apologize to me or anything.

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    • Because it pissed me off even more that I saw on fb him going on about baseball when he hasn't even bothered to try and make things better. It makes me think he's thinking "oh I hurt my gfs feelings but who cares because the giants are playing!" see what I'm getting at?

    • Guys aren't as emotional as girls. Sometimes you have to just get over it and chalk it up to him being a stupid guy and move past it. If it's still bothering you in three days, then you can bring it up to him when he's able to pay full attention to you.

  • Dude, it's the world series, major sports event. leave it alone.

    If he was like this for every single baseball game, I would understand.

    More than likely, the game for him is a bit of an escape right now.

    What was the fight about if you don't mind me asking.

    • It was about me going to a party, which I invited him to but he didn't wanna go. He expected me to sit there and text him while I was there the whole time, but I put my phone away so I wouldn't lose it. He called me today and things escalated. He wasn't sorry for what he said to me that night and said he doesn't trust my friends. We are broken up because he also insulted me for being a single mother and brought my kid into the argument.

  • let him have the time with the guys, he was probably texted you for a while and he needs to have fun watching sports with the guys my boyfriend does it all the time with trading card games

    • I did. But the fight was serious. We talked today, and I didn't even mention baseball and he yet again didn't try to make things better and insulted me so we're finished

  • Hey! no don't end it, don't do anything that you will regret later. Take the rest of the night off, don't contact him. Give yourself some time to think about what you fought about. I agree with you, you should talk face to face or on the phone. Just do something for you, something that will make you feel better. Then tomorrow insist that you talk in person!