Do guys usually prefer when girls were dresses and skirts than pants?

For dates?

even though dresses and skirts hide way more the girls shape than a tight pants?

whats the style that you guys prefer a girl to wear any links would be great...

i usually dress very girlie even with jeans and shirts and well my guy, I met him online and he said on his profile that he likes sports and a laid back girl...maybe I am not that laid back when it comes to dressing...


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  • Well fitting jeans beat a maxi skirt, but an above the knee skirt is always pretty hot.

    It may not be as revealing, but we can imagine having sex with it still on.

    Yes, that's how we think and exactly why we like dresses/skirts.

    • hahaha I had no idea about that, interesting... why would be sexy having sex with dress on? so a dress is nice because you guys think its easier access for action?

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    • uh naughty...i always wear shorts with dresses and my guy knows that, he must be disappointed... its just to windy were I live lol

    • Yeah, that's very disappointing and ruins it, lol.


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  • Personally I like a girl in some jeans or pants. Not that there's anything wrong with a dress or skirt, I just like casual. But to me what is most important is whatever you feel more comfortable in because I want to see the real you, not the dressed up you.

  • Dresses and skirts I like more than pants. In dresses and skirts women look more feminine.

    • true... so feminine is what guys like most of the time?

  • I personnaly opt for a feminine female, so dresses and skirts over jeans for me ;P

    • damn your hot...

      so feminine is better what about a not so girlie dress compared to a feminine top and jeans?

    • Thank u, a dress or even the top and jeans is fine as long as you feel comfortable with what your wearing.

  • you wouldn't wear an evening gown, to a sporting event, right?

    • lol no, that's not what I mean... I mean casual dresses...i still try to dress girlie for the gym with like girlie colors and not baggy stuff

    • I think you get my point though..if you don't I shouldn't have to explain it

  • Yes definitely I would love my girlfriend to dress in skirts or dresses most of the time , unless the places which we are going is inappropriate to wear a skirt or dress.


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  • i think it depends for a date I do try to wear a dress or skirt unless it is very casual