Brandy Melville one size? Too fat?

I don't know if it's just my insecurities getting to me. But every time I step into brandy Melville I feel like the girls working there are always judging me. I'm 5'5 and weight 147pounds. I love their clothes, but I'm starting to feel like I may be too fat to wear them.. What do you think?


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  • What matters is what you think. If you are not happy with your current weight, there are so many ways to work on that. However, if you're happy with the way you look and feel, then that's what matters most.

    If the women working at the place you like to shop and spend money have a problem with you, then what they are saying is they don't like themselves. Also, why in the world would an employee of a clothing store want to upset and run off a repeat customer? If they are indeed doing that, then they're idiots and perhaps you should discuss it with the store manager.

    But first, you have to explain how they are judging you. Are they giggling and cracking jokes when you walk by, or are they just rude to you? If it's something you just perceive, then it's your choice whether you want to shop there are not. But if it's something they are blatantly doing to make you upset, then you definitely should speak to someone higher up about it.


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  • How is that too fat?