My mom banned me from seeing my boyfriend.

my mom banned me from seeing my boyfriend because the way he dresses is that fair?

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  • Well, if I walked into the house with a guy that had on skinny jeans and eyeliner, my parents would have my eyes and head examined, regardless if he's really a good person or not. And, yeah, I'm with the guys here. You're under 18. Once you go to college/move out/whatever, date whomever you want. If you have to get your mom's permission to date a guy, then she has the right to prevent you from dating him. Yeah, it sucks, and yeah, he's probably awesome, but unless you can convince her that he's awesome, it's probably final.

    Think about it this way: If you had a daughter and she walked in with a guy that looked like crap, would you be entirely happy about it? Be honest, you probably wouldn't. In your mother's defense, you probably could have warned her first while explaining why you like him before meets her in guyliner and skinny jeans. She was probably predicting a typical guy with semi-messy hair, men's jeans, and a t-shirt.

    • Shes know him for years but just as my friend

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    • Well if he's 18 and your 16 she is actually looking out for him considering you are an adult aand you are a minor. If anything happened between you he could go to jail and then have to register as a sex offender when he got out ruining the rest of his life.

    • Yeah, the age thing makes sense. Once you get past 18, it doesn't matter as much.