My mom banned me from seeing my boyfriend.

my mom banned me from seeing my boyfriend because the way he dresses is that fair?


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  • Well, if I walked into the house with a guy that had on skinny jeans and eyeliner, my parents would have my eyes and head examined, regardless if he's really a good person or not. And, yeah, I'm with the guys here. You're under 18. Once you go to college/move out/whatever, date whomever you want. If you have to get your mom's permission to date a guy, then she has the right to prevent you from dating him. Yeah, it sucks, and yeah, he's probably awesome, but unless you can convince her that he's awesome, it's probably final.Think about it this way: If you had a daughter and she walked in with a guy that looked like crap, would you be entirely happy about it? Be honest, you probably wouldn't. In your mother's defense, you probably could have warned her first while explaining why you like him before meets her in guyliner and skinny jeans. She was probably predicting a typical guy with semi-messy hair, men's jeans, and a t-shirt.

    • Yeah, the age thing makes sense. Once you get past 18, it doesn't matter as much.

    • Well if he's 18 and your 16 she is actually looking out for him considering you are an adult aand you are a minor. If anything happened between you he could go to jail and then have to register as a sex offender when he got out ruining the rest of his life.

    • She says it is is age he's 18 and I'm 16 but her and my dad are 4yrs apart the started going out when she was a freshman and him a senior

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  • I don't like the way he looks, but your mom shouldnt by just "banning" him just because he dresses funny, its not a valid argument IMO.

    • I did and he said he will

    • Hmm, bad influence? what kind of influence does she think he will have on you? make you dress funny as well?hmmm, you could ask him to try and dress "normal" or in a way that your mother would approve of, when she's near by. Its completely ridiculous, I know. Then again if he loves you, then he wouldn't mind changing the way he dresses, to get to see you.again, its ridiculous, but you should try.

    • I know...but she said he's a bad influence

  • your mom should not ban you from seeing him

  • i wanna see the pic the link dosnt show the pics

    • Http://

    • Where's the link? it's not there?

    • Try now

  • it's only fair if he wears ICP shirts

    • ICP.....Insane Clown Posse.

    • Idk what type of shirts thoes sre

  • If you're under 18 yes it is fair. Your mom has the responsibility of doing what is best for you and if she thinks that your boyfriend isn't good for you because of the way he dresses then she has every right to ban you from seeing him. I know its not what you wanna hear but its the truth...

    • I have no idea what it could be tho

    • Sounds to me like there is something more going on then just how he dresses...

    • She won't listen to me if I say his name...b4 all this she even let him stay in my room and sleep over a few times now I can't even see him

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  • Stop dating a crossdresser then!

    • Weird. date a guy with some size to him!

    • He isn't a crossdresser..well he does barrow my skinny jeans some time sience were the same size

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  • everyone has a right to wear what they want but it seems like that's not the only reason your mom would ban you from seeing him.

  • No you shouldn't judge someone on how they dress because that's not what makes a person is there something else that bothers her about him some times moms knows best so how does he dress if you don't mind me asking ? And maybe you should sit down and talk to your mother and ask her and tell her how you feel

    • He wears skinny jeans and eyeliner so I guess it scares her

  • I don't think that is fair at all. Your mom is probably more worried about you growing up before she is ready for it than she is about his clothes. Maybe sitting down and having a calm conversation with her about why you are ready for a boyfriend and how beneath the clothes this guy is really great. Good luck!

    • I tried that she says I can't see him beacuse the way he dresses scares her

  • No, that is not fair!Everyone has the right to wear what they want.(Well.. there are limitations. :P)I think that your mum is possibly covering for another reason?Maybe she doesn't want you to have a boyfriend.

    • Ill try thnxs

    • Be the better person and explain to her that he's a lovely person on the inside, and that you shouldn't judge people on their external appearance!

    • Yea that could be 16 tho I'm bond to have a boyfriend at some point..she says the way he dresses scares her

  • I think you need to try and talk to your mum, Because at the end of the day she is still your mum and that's not gonna change. You need to have a big talk with her and say that you want to talk to her and have a positive relationship with her but you can't do that until you both agree to get on. Tell her how you feel when she says horrible things about your boyfriend and say that you can make your own choices and you don't care what she thinks. If worse comes to worse make some sort of agreement that as long as you two are getting on you won't talk about your boyfriend or mention him at all. Just as long as you tell her how you feel and that you won't stop seeing him just because she disapproves.

    • Tried and failed at that approach....she refuses to drop the subject....i hate going home to her house all of last month I stayed 1 week..i didn't say a word to her