What do girls do at sleepovers?

I have asked my girlfriend several times what she does at her friends' sleepovers and she only tells me a little bit. Its driving me nuts. She says she might tell me later or something but now the anticipation is killing me. My girlfriend just turned 17 and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what happens at sleepovers. My girlfriend seems very content with me struggling for this information and she keeps telling me that there are just some things guys can't know! I'm going crazy! Can someone tell me what really happens? I have heard some guy friends say that they play spin the bottle, truth or dare, strip, play strip poker, or have sex. I think the latter are pretty absurd. Please tell me what is true!


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  • Trust me the dirtyest the we do is have pillow fights (which I don't understand how its dirty but a lot of people *mostly guys, pathtic* say it is) and talk about other people, I don't know why but it's mostly boys. IT's only boys because sometimes us girls really want to know the truth on what (if) a girl knows about a certain boy or if they did something wrong or funny (so technicly it's we just want to know everything haha) we also watch movies usually romantic comedy's or horror movies. And a really common thing we do is truth or dare, and the dares are worst than you think (let me tell you an example: I remember thjis girl picked dare and she was dared to go out with her pajams *it was cold out side and she had shorts on* with no robe, blanket, or jacket, and stand out for 5 minutes *no worries we wtahced her just incase* she came out with a cold for 3-4 days), sometimes we do make-up and hair. And this may be suprising but what I do at sleepovers is that I play video games (but that's just me and my friends so hmph...) K well bye! Your girlfriend is just trying to kill you (not really kill you but you know what I mean) It's something we girls like to do, we like to keep it mysterious so you guys suspect the... good? Does that make sence? What I mean is so guys suspect there gf's or girls in a (MAYBE NOT AlL GIRLS) sexual way. And other girls just do it because it's none of ur buisness.

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  • Hahaha. Okay, a typical girl sleepover runs something like this. We all arrive at someone's house or apartment or whatever, we watch movies (nothing above R, haha), we eat cookies or various other junk food and talk about relationship stuff and why we hate men (j/k! Well, mostly, lol) and the random drama in our lives. We play board games and card games, occasionally some truth or dare, but like the anonymous girl said, nothing at all X-rated. Sleepovers might involve some girly drinks, though this is a lot more common with college girls. Sometimes we do stupid things like riding in laundry baskets down stairs or singing badly to American Idol Karaoke until the neighbors yell at us.

    But there's no making out, no sex, no strip poker, no pillow fights in our underwear. That's the product of a fanciful male mind wondering what girls could possibly get up to when there are no guys around. There's no big mystery here. :)

  • The absolute wildest sleepover I ever went to involved us watching a porn movie. And that was only because the girls parents were out of town and she knew where her brother kept his stash. Everything else was way more tame.

    • And did you called in any guys after tht?

    • No. We were 15 or so and far too scared to do anything like that.

  • i haven't done any of that at sleepovers o.o

    i can't say for all girls

    but usually it involves watching a movie

    having lots of snacks

    talk about guys [.that are cute, not so cute, crushes, etc.]

    do each others hair

    and/or doing bad things

    like prank people in the area or on the phone

  • Well. The girls all wear their bras and cute panties. They pop popcorn and have pillow fights. Then they all proceed to make-out with each other. Then they scissor all night longggggg.


    They eat a lot, do each others hair, watch chick flicks, talk about boys most of the time. For example who is really hot. Who each girl has a crush on. Sexual things. Etc. Um. There is definitely some complaining about being "fat. " What girls are bitches," usually some drama.

  • Y'all need to stop watching porn. Girls do not get sexual at sleepovers.

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  • For one of my ex girlfriends, "sleepover" meant "we're having relationship problems, and I need to discuss it with my friends for a good 25 straight hours. "

    For another one it meant "I'm going to go have sex with some random guy"

    Seriously though, Don't get worked up about it.

  • Hey guy,

    It's girls night out; leave her alone about it. You can ask her if she had fun and perhaps about who was there but just let her enjoy some time away.

  • Girls sleepovers just like we hang out in a garage drinking beer fixing cars and talk about woman, nothing wired. They don't have sex with each other, just like we don't make out with each other.

    Noting we need to know, just stay away,

    BTW, do you like your girl ask you what you had done in your buddy Joe Blow's house

  • Probably all of those, I would like to think they strip down to their panties and have tickle fights