Girls- How to stop my g-string from sticking out of my jeans?

I always wear low rise jeans, and yes I realize this is part of the problem but I find low rise jeans the most comfy, I hate when it sticks out it looks really slutty. Any ideas?


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  • same problem here...low rise jeans size are weird and different

    sometimes I think that it fits me..but it doesn't (I don't know if you get me)

    i usually wear a size 1 in jeans but when it comes to low rise, size 1 fits...but I recently discover that size 3 fits better because somehow it manages to hug my hips, and it doesn't really reveal my panties even if I were to sit down.

    If this is not your case, maybe wear a belt so your jeans will stay put...or maybe get one of those low rise panties..=)


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  • I have the same problem. If you can, wear gstrings that are too small and they'll be forced down.

    When you pull your pants up, push the strings down a few inches from the top as far as your fingers reach.

    Don't bend over with your back to people or hold the back of your shirt down when you do it. There's also ways of getting down without bending your back so much

    Long shirts or camis help

    Keeping adjusting them throughout the day

    • Wouldnt the small gstrings feel really uncomfy? I usually get a size bigger then what I wear so its comfy for me. But thanks for the other tips ill have to give those a shot

  • im a low riser 2. most comfy with it. and yeah I get paranoid about being shown when I sit . so I wear longer shirt.

  • VS has undies especially for this prob. Check them out.

  • why wear underwear if your only wearing thongs... what's the point ?

  • Wear a longer top

    Don't pull your panties too high, keep them low