Makeup sucks....why girls can't just be yourselves?

I never wear makeup...I think that it is completely unnecessary cause that is just a mask which covers face and hides the real my opinion... Show More

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  • Personally, for ME, I disagree. Makeup for me isn't covering anything. When I wear makeup, that IS being me. But my style of makeup isn't the same as most people's. I'm all about drama and color when it comes to makeup. I don't want to be perfect, nor do I strive to be. I REVEL in being imperfect. Imperfections are usually my favorite things about people. I look nothing like girls in magazines and I wouldn't want to. There is no 'mask' because I don't wear foundation. I use concealer on any spots I care enough to cover, which is rare, and I use translucent powder all over my face to absorb shine. Eye makeup, or bright lipstick. It's another accessory for me. I look how I look because I want to, because it's in my personality to do so. I like vibrancy, and if I don't reflect that on the outside, I feel a bit less like myself. I would still wear the makeup I do even if no one else wore makeup at all, because I like it and no one else matters.

    It's not like I feel the need to wear it constantly, or that I can't leave the house without it. Because that's definitely not the case. I go out with zero makeup a lot of the time and feel totally fine about it.