Makeup sucks....why girls can't just be yourselves?

I never wear makeup...I think that it is completely unnecessary cause that is just a mask which covers face and hides the real my opinion girls who wear makeup just wanna be someone who they are not...they wanna be perfect,like girls in magazines(but there is all done by photoshop)...I'm not satisfied with my look,...I hate it...I want to look different...but there is how it is and I won't do anything good with fact my skin will just become why girls can't just be yourselves?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally, for ME, I disagree. Makeup for me isn't covering anything. When I wear makeup, that IS being me. But my style of makeup isn't the same as most people's. I'm all about drama and color when it comes to makeup. I don't want to be perfect, nor do I strive to be. I REVEL in being imperfect. Imperfections are usually my favorite things about people. I look nothing like girls in magazines and I wouldn't want to. There is no 'mask' because I don't wear foundation. I use concealer on any spots I care enough to cover, which is rare, and I use translucent powder all over my face to absorb shine. Eye makeup, or bright lipstick. It's another accessory for me. I look how I look because I want to, because it's in my personality to do so. I like vibrancy, and if I don't reflect that on the outside, I feel a bit less like myself. I would still wear the makeup I do even if no one else wore makeup at all, because I like it and no one else matters.

    It's not like I feel the need to wear it constantly, or that I can't leave the house without it. Because that's definitely not the case. I go out with zero makeup a lot of the time and feel totally fine about it.