Makeup sucks....why girls can't just be yourselves?

I never wear makeup...I think that it is completely unnecessary cause that is just a mask which covers face and hides the real my opinion girls who wear makeup just wanna be someone who they are not...they wanna be perfect,like girls in magazines(but there is all done by photoshop)...I'm not satisfied with my look,...I hate it...I want to look different...but there is how it is and I won't do anything good with fact my skin will just become why girls can't just be yourselves?


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  • Personally, for ME, I disagree. Makeup for me isn't covering anything. When I wear makeup, that IS being me. But my style of makeup isn't the same as most people's. I'm all about drama and color when it comes to makeup. I don't want to be perfect, nor do I strive to be. I REVEL in being imperfect. Imperfections are usually my favorite things about people. I look nothing like girls in magazines and I wouldn't want to. There is no 'mask' because I don't wear foundation. I use concealer on any spots I care enough to cover, which is rare, and I use translucent powder all over my face to absorb shine. Eye makeup, or bright lipstick. It's another accessory for me. I look how I look because I want to, because it's in my personality to do so. I like vibrancy, and if I don't reflect that on the outside, I feel a bit less like myself. I would still wear the makeup I do even if no one else wore makeup at all, because I like it and no one else matters.

    It's not like I feel the need to wear it constantly, or that I can't leave the house without it. Because that's definitely not the case. I go out with zero makeup a lot of the time and feel totally fine about it.


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  • i like girls that take care of their looks up to a point, makeup is not that bad as long as they don't go overboard on it

    • Also some girls need makeup, like it or not men are visual creatures and a girl needs to have looks up to a point, makeup equals out the women who were not born with the best genetics so men can look past their looks into their personality.

  • You go girl! I agree

  • Men don't change their facial appearance. Why should women. Be yourself. Its cool to do something because you like it, not because you don't like yourself. You are beautiful in your own way. Who would not like to improve themselves in some way. Do what you can naturally, and learn to be happy with what you can't change. I personally prefer a girl who doesn't wear any makeup. I don't mind a liitle bit (it can be sexy). Hate when a girls face looks Like a piece of cake. #Naturalisbeautiful #fooledbywomenontv

    • Confidence should not come from makeup. That is false confidence. Be confident from within. This is something I have problems with myself, but I'm working on it. Don't compare yourself to models. They are you with makeup and Photoshop. I love women and you all are beautiful. Even more so WITHOUT makeup.

    • @jamesdarrel23 @Opinion Owner Agree 100% with both of you

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  • I wear makeup to accentuate something... and I love makeup. I don't look like a different person when I wear it. I look the same only a bit shinier. xD

  • Okay first of all woman, girls do not just wear makeup because they wanna be something else. They wear it because even if not to others, it makes them feel pretty. And yes it can make you feel fun and different. It gives us something to do and makes us feel more confident and alive And there are types of makeups and lotions etc, that can help your skin not to become clogged. Make up is fun. So do not ever judge something that you have never partaken in. Kay, thanks.

    • I did put makeup a couple of times but I didn't feel comfortable with it.......I feel more confident without it cause that is how I look like and I don't hide anything....

    • Okay then, that's your opinion,its normal to feel that way when you don't wear it.

      just don't preach what you don't know.

  • I have worn make up for years because I have some scarring from acne and slight sun damage. In addition, I am very pale so my flaws are very noticeable. I buy very expensive makeup that blends well and it boosts my self esteem. I don't have the money to get chemical peels so makeup is the best option for me.

  • the purpose of make up isn't to completely be someone else, but, if done right, highlights the features. I see nothing wrong with highlighting what God gave you

  • Wrong in so many ways.

    1. Make up doesn't ruin skin. If you buy quality products, they actually protect your skin from damage. If you have acne, it has nothing to do with your diet, your make up, or whatever.

    2. Make up is a TOOL. It's not there to change your face. It should be used to emphasis the assets, and to hide flaws. If you apply make up right, it WILL look natural.

    There too many orange-bake-face girls that give a bad name to make up.

  • i wear make up because I have horrible red marks on my face from acne...i would love it if I couldn't wear makeup but in these times who wouldn't judge when you step out the door. sure its easy to say "it shouldnt matter what others think" but when us women are being constantly compared to high class models and celebrities its hard to ignore it.

    but I do envy you for not being one to wear makeup and falling for all the media hype :)

  • I found this kinda offensive /:

    I don't wear cover up..because I don't really need it Lol. I just wear eye make-up.

    But I do wear eye make-up, and I see nothing wrong with it. I'm not trying to be somebody I'm not, I just like how it looks.

    I'm going to cosmetology school, and part of it is make-up. To me make-up is a art, and I love seeing what I can do with it.

    So yeah, I definitely find this post offensive. Just because you wear make-up it doesn't mean your not comfortable with yourself,

  • Depends, sometimes when you wear it a lot and take it off, you might feel like, "Hey, I don't need this stuff." And then there's times where you take off your make-up and you look tired. Its all about the mood you're in. Even if I wear make-up, I'm still not satisfied, it depends on how nice it looks that particular day. My bff feels like you do, that you should show you're true self. But recently she started trying make-up and liked it. This sounds cheesy, but I guess its just a girly thing to do. But she does simple eye make-up occasionally, she's not totally into make-up.

  • I got some greasy chicken skin, black baggy circles under my eyes and big acne craters so hell yeah imma put some powder and concealer on my face! I guess it depends how bad your face looks. If your face is jank put makeup on it because most men see with their eyes not with their heart. And if they do see with their heart, most of the time they're creeps or got some weird snaggle teeth or sumthin.

  • oh shut up, you sound really condescending right now. first of all not everyone is content with looking less attractive as you seem to be. you said that you're not satisfied with your look and you hate it. so how does that make you any different than other girls? at least they are doing something about their looks. 95% of girls look BETTER with at least some amount of makeup on, so why is it a bad thing to do something that will only improve your appearance? are you seriously gonna act like if you had terrible skin, dark circles under your eyes and blotches on your face that you wouldn't wear any makeup because "thats being someone you're not"? girl please take that "be yourself" crap and go somewhere with it. also some people look at makeup like an accessory. I love makeup, I think its fun to do different looks and experiment. does that make me insecure and mean that I am trying to be someone else? no. you don't even like how you look so how are you gonna talk?