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Hairy black men...?

Are there any others out there? I'm talking whether you are bi-racial (black with something else), light-skinned or dark skinned, of African decent,... Show More

  • Vote A Nope, I basically have no hair
  • Vote B I'm a little hairy
  • Vote C I've got a hairy chest, but that's it
  • Vote D I've got hair on my chest, stomach, butt, and back

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  • No, 'real' black men (ie. unmixed) are not hairy. For the most part, only mixed-blood people (with part of that mix being European) turn out to be hairy, not all of the time, but whenever you see a hairy mixed-race person (even if they claim to be black, when it comes to your real genetic make-up, it doesn't matter what you claim to be, you're mixed and that's that), its due to the mixture and they can thank (or curse) their European ancestors for that.

    To make matters even more interesting, get this:

    I have extremely light skin (think of a white person with a light tan), hair that when cut short looks straight and in place but when it grows becomes very wavy, never really looks kinky but not straight either; big lips, slightly slanted eyes, and flat but attractive looking nose. Add to that the hairiness. Can you believe that sh*t!

    Lukily, girls find me very exotic and hot, and thank God for that; because overall I'm not too happy with my looks.

    So, thanks European ancestors, I really appreciate it. LOL

    • Your last statement is HILARIOUS!!!

What Girls Said 3

  • I'm good friends with a couple of black guys, and as far as I know they aren't hairy. But everyone is different, really.

  • Most of the black guys I know are African. Now that you have mentioned it, well they are not very hairy. The more common maybe hairy legs but not lots of guys. Then I have seen a hairy chest but that is even more rare than the hairy legs.

    Then I think the facial hair also grows slower on black guys.

  • I'm black and I have a tendency to be hairy (gross but I take care of it!) My head hair and eyebrows are very thick. My limbs can get hairy . I have body hair kind of like Meditteranean or Indian people (no offense anyone). My family is majority black but we have other mixes in too that's probably where the hairy genes come from lol. Most straight up black people don't get very hairy

    • Exactly. I'm mostly black and Native American. But I have a small percentage of Irish that I believe is the culprit in my case. Thank-you for answering me, even though you are a woman.

    • Yeah it's probably the European making us hairy. I have German/English and Native American mix and from what I hear Native Americans aren't hairy so it has to be the European blood!

    • LOL! Exactly!

What Guys Said 6

  • I'm white.but I'm harry as hell.But I don't think you be ashamed of your hair [if you are ashamed].because its who you are.anyway, most girls think hair is sexy,because its manly

    • My girlfriend thinks its sexy...and if you look for the topic called "I'm hairy?!" girls comment on it saying its sexy....look for yourself

    • It's not that I'm ashamed, but that I feel out of place. So far, most black men I have encountered do not have hair unless they were half Irish, Italian, or some other form of European decent that tends to be hairy. Even then, they have less hair than me. Other times, they just have a little patch in the middle of their chest or a happy trail. I've got a Hugh Jackman thing going on, but as far as I know, I hardly have any European blood in me.

  • I'm 100% irish, and I have basically no body hair, just a light dusting on my shins and forarms. no chest hair, no back hair, no ass hair, no thigh hair.
    Everyone is trying to say that white people are hairy, no mixed race people are hairy.
    100% white people are not very hairy.
    The various human races are evolving towards hairlessness.
    Mixed people have greater incidences of archaic phenotypes.
    If you've ever noticed, dark black people, pale white people, Amerindians, Asians ect, are all relatively hairless. The hairiest people are mixed people, Italians, French, greeks, Hispanics, middle easteners, Indians, ect...

  • your not alone at all. I'm black and have hair every where than my face...ain't that a trip? I don't know how or why, but I'm not feelin' it

  • I'm Puerto rican. We have african decent in us so I'm kinda black and also very hairy

    • First of all, I want to say THANK-YOU for acknowledging that. And thank-you for your answer. This is proving more so that it's the European blood that makes us hairy.

  • No, I'm not hairy. One hair on my chest(yes literally 1), no visible hair on my arms, no back hair and no hair on my outer butt, but some on the inside(sorry to be graphic). Hell I can't even grow a beard. Just a light mustache and some fuzz on the chin and I'm in my 30s. The white guys I work with are always amazed when I tell them I haven't shaved in however many months.

    But one of my buddies from my younger school days was hairy(and Black).

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