Hairy black men...?

Are there any others out there? I'm talking whether you are bi-racial (black with something else), light-skinned or dark skinned, of African decent,... Show More

  • Vote A Nope, I basically have no hair
  • Vote B I'm a little hairy
  • Vote C I've got a hairy chest, but that's it
  • Vote D I've got hair on my chest, stomach, butt, and back

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  • No, 'real' black men (ie. unmixed) are not hairy. For the most part, only mixed-blood people (with part of that mix being European) turn out to be hairy, not all of the time, but whenever you see a hairy mixed-race person (even if they claim to be black, when it comes to your real genetic make-up, it doesn't matter what you claim to be, you're mixed and that's that), its due to the mixture and they can thank (or curse) their European ancestors for that.

    To make matters even more interesting, get this:

    I have extremely light skin (think of a white person with a light tan), hair that when cut short looks straight and in place but when it grows becomes very wavy, never really looks kinky but not straight either; big lips, slightly slanted eyes, and flat but attractive looking nose. Add to that the hairiness. Can you believe that sh*t!

    Lukily, girls find me very exotic and hot, and thank God for that; because overall I'm not too happy with my looks.

    So, thanks European ancestors, I really appreciate it. LOL

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    • Your last statement is HILARIOUS!!!