Ladies how does a guy physically turn a girl on to make her go nuts?

We all know guys are attracted to energetic feminin girls or tom boy types with a lot og energy.guys like girls who do girly stuff. So I asume doing manly things turns a girl on. I've tride chopping lumber in front of girls,lifting heavy boxes. Talking about sports. Flexing my muscles. Nothing I'm doing is working. I have no idea what gets a girl going. How do you turn a girl on so much that it drives her nuts. Ladies please tell all.

Ladies you don't have to be rude about it.Many girls have asked the same question I've just asked to guys and the guys give a direct answer without critisizing the girl.Don't be turned off by someone who is putting in all this effort just to please you!


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  • ok so first of all, don't show off too much, they just think your retarted 4 doin that. By the way, I'm talking about if your in a relationship. keep her happy, if she's the energetic type. meaning, turn her on once in a wile, and make her want you. when your behind her, put your arms around her, and breathe softly on the back of her neck, or wisper in her ear. dude my boyfriend doesn't get that rite, he's actualy hella loud wen he talks in my ear. you can kiss her neck, play with her hair, and touch her ass. don't grab it super hard, but if she's wearing jeans with pockets and she's hugging you, hug her back around her waist and slowly slider your hands in2 her pocket. Oh yeah, also when your sitting down, pull her onto your lap and you can touch her legs. start at her knees, and eventually (but hey slowly or she mite think your a pervert) get to her inner thighs. if she doesn't want any of this, she'll kind of hold back, or stop what she's doing. Make some jokes, and make her laugh. but if she just holds still, then try to keep going, usually it means they don't know what to do, because they don't want to ruin the moment.


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  • the secret to turning a girl on is ironically not to do much effort. Less is more. When guys try too hard, its obvious. women have strong intuition. They like MYSTERY, VAGUENESS.they want to figure you out on their own. When you're being yourself, happy the way you are with your own life, the opposite sex defintiely notices and wants to somehow spike through your mysteriousness. The same sex actually gets jealous of you after all girls' attention is directed to you.

    I once saw a guy reading in the library, so focused and undisturbed, independent, in his own world, smiling, he didn't give a damn about anyone or even cross an eye on a chick, and I wanted to just walk over grab his face and kiss him =D

  • Manly things don't turn me on. If anything they're a turn off! I don't like seeing a man showing off, acting like a lad, flexing his muscles.

    A guy who shows his soft side and is not afraid to stay in touch with that part of them, is a major turn on for me.

  • I don't think anyone was being rude. I suppose I was probably the closest and I was really just trying to give you some decent advice. Sorry if it came off as something else.

  • How in the hell can you manipulate a situation so that you get to chop lumber in front of a girl? Unless she's your neighbor, I really don't see how that could work.

    At any rate, cool it with the macho. Talking about sports and flexing isn't good at all. In fact most of this stuff just makes you seem like you're trying too hard. Make the girl laugh. At least for me, that's the key. Be funny, smart and confident in yourself. Every guy I've gone for has had this combination working. Some of them liked talking sports or working out or whatever, but that was totally secondary in terms of my attraction.

    • Lol. I can see where you're coming from but my boyfriend has chopped lumber in front of me also. it was pretty entertaining because I could totally tell he was showing off. sometimes guys just look like idiots when they do that and you can't help but laugh.

      but yeah...we were having a bonfire and that's why he was chopping lumber in the first place

  • Be yourself.

    And don't be too flirty, not to make them feel you are a flirty guy and you just want to grab their attention .

    GOOD LUCK =)

  • show your femine side instead, your softer side. We like macho but it can be over done, be sympathetic if she is unwell, help her if she needs it, ask her how she is, notice her perfume, her great outfit.

  • Offer to do manly things that actually help the girl. Like if she's having trouble opening a bottle or carrying something, offer to help her.

  • just be yourself.but here's a few things you can do

    yes women love a manly man but sometimes it dosn't hurt to be caring

    compliment your "interest" by saying she looks cute today or she's funny etc

    ps your question is honest sorry for the rudeness.good luck !

  • Just be yourself. Don't try too hard to impress or she'll see right through it. Be thoughtful, complimentary and gentlemanly. Open doors, buy her chocolate and most importantly, LISTEN to her! Yea that's right, LISTEN to her! Properly! Show an interest in what she's saying and ask her little things about herself. It really is the small things in a relationship that gets a girl going.

  • Think about what you're saying but be yourself. Most girls love being talked to. Showing off your physical strength is not really the best thing, any guy can do that. To show your intelligence, skill, creativity, and care by giving a sweet compliment or telling a funny joke, but not so crude. Use manners, listen to her, be there for her, but not to the point where you become something you're not. You'll find your own way soon enough, but consider those things.

  • Don't make it obvious. By flexing your muscles you're saying "We should go out, but I'm in charge and I'm still gonna flirt with every girl in sight." Just be yourself.

  • If you're asking how to go nuts so that she wants you, really bad, then I would suggest looking into her eyes, when she's talking, even when she shys away, let her know that you're interested ini her and only her but you have to careful you don't come out looking like a creeper. lol

    A girl likes a guy who can be intense but still show his caring and sensitive side [atleast in my opinion]

    If you want to turn on a girl by doing physical actions, kiss her neck and work your way done to her collarbone and keep going straight down all the way to her belly button and maybe even a little lower ;-) . Another trick is gently touching her thighs, inner and outer.

  • well, personall, I love sports so that would be a turn on for me. flexing muscles is kind of popeye-ish. I think that girls get turned on by the way she is treated by that guy or how the guy talks to her more than anything.

    for me, sports (college football, college basketball, nfl) turn me on.


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  • This always turns me on link

  • The message you're missing is this: Showing off is a turn off. It reeks of desperation.

    Listen to the women when they tell you it's more about attitude and personality than posing for a magazine cover.