Are wearing colored contacts deceiving?

Let's say I got colored contacts, maybe a hint of a lighter color (brown) than my original color or a pop of green. Would you guys have a problem or be disappointed if a girl you may be dating told you they weren't her real eye color? And do you prefer a girl to tell you right off the bat, especially if you're complimenting her on her eyes, which aren't real?


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  • Nah... makeup disappoints me far more. It usually makes girls wouldn't get noticed become 'hot'. Then, it goes to their heads, and they forget that it's the makeup that's pretty -- not them. Colored contacts wouldn't really bother me. I'd be able to tell anyway, since I wear (clear) contacts, myself.


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  • Yes... I'd probably notice on my own (have before), and it would be an instant turn off... Wouldn't mention it to her, I just go talk to another girl.

  • I would rather not date a girl that does not wear colored contacts, but is she does I would rather be told right off the bat.

  • "Cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage."

    So yes.


What Girls Said 3

  • I think it's decietful. I know a girl who had the most beautiful, cool looking eyes, only to find out they were contacts and her actual eyes were just brown. Maybe it's OK if it's only enhancing your color slightly but nothing too drastic. Like, I think it looks really awful and fake when you see chinese girls with blue "bambi" contacts because they're just so fake and tacky looking.

  • i really don't like it when guys or girls where colored contacts. I know that technically, it's on the same level as dyeing your hair or putting on make-up to alter you natural look- but when I look into someone's eyes, I REALLY want to be looking into their eyes and not a piece of plastic in between. for some reason, it strikes me as supremely fake. one of my roommates wore blue contacts and I didn't get a chance to see her real eye color til six months into dorming together. her natural eye color just looked SO much better and made her seem more like...'her' lol. so I would be disappointed if I found out he wore colored contacts...i'd probably ask to see what he looked like without them. and then convince him to stick to his natural color.

  • There's nothing wrong with wearing colored contacts. I actually had a pair of blue ones, and my eyes are naturally green in color. Some guys find them cool others actually thought they were a bit creepy lol But if they compliment you on them just say thanks and tell them they're just contacts. I don't feel like it should be a big deal.