Minimum requirement in height to consider a guy hot?

easy question needs easy answers. I am for example 1m74 (5'9).

Based purely on looks, style way of behaving when out with friends, I attract the attention of a few girls before talking to them. But I have been told more than once that I am rather short for a guy.

What is the minimum height for a hot guy would you say ? you can put it as MIN , BEST, (don't care about max because I somehow think that there is a margin lol).

I want as many answers as possible please thanks ^^


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  • Height doesn't necessarily make you hott or not, for me personally I like guys at least a couple inches taller than me ( I'm 5'5) and a bigger build ( not muscular per say, just a bigger structure) it makes cuddling and just about everything else much more fun. I like to be smothered by my guys body.


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  • I don't know really, generally I say no shorter than me, but I'm only 5'3 so I rarely meet guys shorter than me anyway. Out of the ones I have, I've found none of the attractive - but it wasn't because of their height.

    A hot guy is hot.

    Most guys I've dated have been around 5'7-5'10.

  • I'd have to agree with southerngirl22. It doesn't matter what you're height is, you can still be drop dead gorgeous. Personally, I'd like a guy a little taller and bigger than I am (I'm 5'7") because it makes me feel feminine and delicate wrapped in a guy's big arms. Hope this helps answer your question!

  • there is no minimum height...if a guy is hot, he's hot regardless of his height. Heigh does not equal attractiveness. I know guys that are tall and unattractive. I also know guys that are short and attractive.

  • I'm pretty short around 5'4 to be exact a I don't think any height is considered hot however I would like my partner to be taller than me

  • I think depends on the girl's height.I am 5'3 and any guys above 5'10 will consider as hot.

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  • On the internet many girls will want a guy who is 6ft plus, just like many guys would like a girl with the body of Kim Kardashian. In reality most girls worth dating will appreciate a guy who is taller or similar in height, just like many guys will appreciate a girls body as long as it is feminine looking.

  • Well according to research on social psychology, the perfect height for a male is 1.80 cm, which is roughly 6'0. Anything that deviates to low or yes even too high is not as attractive anymore.

  • I understand why you ask this question. I personally have talked to many girls and even though they would feel attracted to me both physically and personally, they would refuse being with me because of my height. I understand that as long as the guy is taller than the girl there is usually no issues. Unfortunately, as much as they state "as long as he is taller" I happen to be told that I am too short. I am 5'7 nearly 5'8 and the girls have always been between 5'-5'5. So where am I going wrong here?

    • You're talking to girls with some pretty messed up preconceptions, I'd say. Just carry on, you'll find someone who isn't completely in the wrong.

    • Wwell if the girls your talking to care that much about height I.promise their not worth it, I'm 5'5 and 5'7/5'8 would be good for me.

    • ...yep, that's what I meant.