Are hairy toes a turn off?

I'm a girl and I have really hairy toes, is this a turn off for guys? It's so bad that I can no longer see my toes, there's no point shaving/waxing because it grows back so fast.

Guys, does this turn you off? Would you still suck on my toes? Because that turns me on so much!

shaving them doesn't really work, the hair is pretty thick and I tend to cut up my toes when I try to shave...
I don't appreciate the offensive comments, what I have is called localized congenital hypertrichosis and I can't help it


Most Helpful Girl

  • Be careful, but I still suggest you shave. Because yeah, hairy toes are gross. I shave my feet.

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      Thank you... you've been like the nicest person to comment....

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      Haha no problem. :]