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Are hairy toes a turn off?

I'm a girl and I have really hairy toes, is this a turn off for guys? It's so bad that I can no longer see my toes, there's no point shaving/waxing... Show More

shaving them doesn't really work, the hair is pretty thick and I tend to cut up my toes when I try to shave...
I don't appreciate the offensive comments, what I have is called localized congenital hypertrichosis and I can't help it

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  • Be careful, but I still suggest you shave. Because yeah, hairy toes are gross. I shave my feet.

    • Thank you... you've been like the nicest person to comment....

    • Haha no problem. :]

What Guys Said 8

  • You could always try waxing them, couldn't you?

  • A tiny bit of hair probably wouldn't be, but excessive hair like that would definitely be a huge turn-off. I am already fairly repulsed by feet, though, so I wouldn't be sucking on toes in the first place. :/

  • Shave them before you hangout with a guy. That simple. Yes very harry toes would be a turnoff.

  • If you send me a message maybe I can tell you what I'd do to them ;P

  • I'd gladly suck on your toes. I'm a very submissive guy and very, very oral. So, if you ever feel down or frustrated about your feet or any particular part of your body, always remember that guys like me out there would like nothing more than to make you feel better about yourself by worshipping you from head to toes. Especially the toes :)

  • I would still suck on your toes can I see a picture of them

  • I love girls with hairy toes actually the first thing turn me on is girls with hairy toes.

  • I don't know it may just be me but something about a beautiful girl with toe hair is a huge turn on my ex used to have more foot hair then me and I refused to let her get rid of it I thought it was sexy

What Girls Said 5

  • Yeh I think that would be a turn off, go to the doctors and see what they say-noone can be expected to live with toes that are really hairy, or just before you see your guy shave or wax them. Could you not do that thing where they permanently remove the hairs? My mind has gone blank on the name of it haha.

  • OMG thank you for your post! I though I was the only girl in the world with this problem. are you hairy all over too (like thicker body hair on arms/legs) or just toes?

  • you should shave them its not that bad just waxing is a lot moer painful... so don't worry some guy will suck them lol (:

  • Wax it. Hair depilitories (sp?)

    It would definitely be a turnoff for guys.

    I too have that problem and I just shave whenever I'm gonna be showing my feet. It's not the best way but it's very easy

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