Did I hurt his feelings? (details inside)

I was talking to the guy I like; everything was fabulous: we were making lots of eye contact, flirting, smiling...It was really nice. He says to me, 'I want your shoes' (clearly he was joking) and asks what shoe size I am. So I say six, and he says it's going to be too small for him because he's a size 10...Here is where things get really embarrassing: I say to him wow that's weird, because you're kinda short (but I said it teasingly), and he laughs. We look at each other, smile...ahh it's bliss and I think I'm finally making headway. He's taller than me, about 5'8/5'9 but every guy in my school is like hitting six foot.

Me and my friend had been talking about guys who are short that have big genitalia (lol), and I stupidly say to him, really slowly, enunciating each freaking word: 'Ahh, so you're SHORT and you have BIG feet'. I didn't realize my mistake until my friend, who was next to me burst out laughing. Because I realized my stupidity and got very very embarrassed, I started laughing as well, and then made some excuse about needing to go to the toilet. I have a horrible feeling I've hurt his feelings---> I know how sensitive guys are about their height, so I was just wondering (and this question is framed for guys and girls): Do you think he took it the wrong way and felt insulted or did he take it as a joke? He's a laid-back kinda guy but I somehow got a hurt-vibe from him...

Sorry about the essay...:) Appreciate the answers


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  • I'm pretty sure he thinks you were joking and honestly I don't know if you even realize it the joke sounds like your hinting he has a big "thing".

    Don't sweat it he is probably like "what"?

    That's one way to look at it but just play the "Ditzsy card" and I'm sure you will be ok.


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  • Guys are sensitive about two things there height and the length of there other area. I don't think he understood and yes was a little hurt.


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  • sounds like he's insecure. just make sure you remind him it was just a joke, and if he can't get over that, then why stress it? I'm guessing he's young and isn't quite comfortable with every aspect of his body yet. honestly, I wouldn't even bring it up again. this way he sees that you're not making a big deal about it. he'll get the hint and realize you won't taunt him again. if he decided to confront you, then just apologize. but, I don't think it is that big of a deal.