What does lovely mean?

What does lovely mean as compared to sexy/cute/hot/beautiful? I was at barnes and noble today and a guy came up to me and said "You are very lovely". This happened to me twice this past year. Isn't it like the same thing as beautiful? I don't know I'm just curious. I mean I think I know what it means but I just want to see what other people say.

And just a note for guys, you should do this to girls you find attractive. Tell them that they are beautiful/ lovely. It's really flattering and it seriously makes our day.


Most Helpful Guy

  • In my opinion:

    lovely -> charming (independent identity)

    sexy --> exude a sexual aura, possibly with the help of figure-excentuating clothes/accessories

    cute --> apparently innocent

    hot --> sexually attractive

    beautiful --> your entire physical look seems consistent with a single expression (e.g. your personality)