How to stop a woman from playing mind games?

whats up girls and guys. I'm a guy I like this girl who plays and screws with my mind...My question is What can you do to stop a women from playing mind games... (is there something you can do) Today she is talking to you, then the next couple of days you can't get in contact with her... Its hot and cold behavior.. It always has me scratching my head wondering does she like me...I haven't been giving her all my attention... I'm at a normal pace with getting to know her... I'm not trying to rush anything... So Is there anyway I can gain a upper hand on her mind games

Any answers are greatly appreciated!

I have ignored her for a couple of days now... Now she acts like I'm the one with the problem... so not cool... I don't contact her all the time... I really space things out. she would tell me she likes me but She want return my calls or anything.


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  • Trust me, STOP trying to understand her behavior. Just accept it as it comes. If she shows she is interested in you by talking with you one day and reacting well (smiling / flirting / touching / whatever it may be)... She likes you. Throw out the information of her not talking on those other days.

    She could be:

    - Busy with work or the rest of her life

    - At an area where she can't call (school / work / etc)

    - Talking with family or friends and is busy, then forgets that you sent a call/txt


    The other recommendation- Speak up. Show her that you are a leader and that you know YOU like her. This will weigh her decision in your favor because let's face it, all women are tired of the players and wanna-bes. At your age, women are more interested in a provider/leader that cares about THEM, than they are about "experimenting". They know where these "experiments" lead- broken hearts, failed relationships, and emotional headaches.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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      She's scared that you only like her as a friend |OR| she only views you as a friend and has moved on.