How to stop a woman from playing mind games?

whats up girls and guys. I'm a guy I like this girl who plays and screws with my mind...My question is What can you do to stop a women from playing mind games... (is there something you can do) Today she is talking to you, then the next couple of days you can't get in contact with her... Its hot and cold behavior.. It always has me scratching my head wondering does she like me...I haven't been giving her all my attention... I'm at a normal pace with getting to know her... I'm not trying to rush anything... So Is there anyway I can gain a upper hand on her mind games

Any answers are greatly appreciated!

I have ignored her for a couple of days now... Now she acts like I'm the one with the problem... so not cool... I don't contact her all the time... I really space things out. she would tell me she likes me but She want return my calls or anything.


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  • Trust me, STOP trying to understand her behavior. Just accept it as it comes. If she shows she is interested in you by talking with you one day and reacting well (smiling / flirting / touching / whatever it may be)... She likes you. Throw out the information of her not talking on those other days.

    She could be:

    - Busy with work or the rest of her life

    - At an area where she can't call (school / work / etc)

    - Talking with family or friends and is busy, then forgets that you sent a call/txt


    The other recommendation- Speak up. Show her that you are a leader and that you know YOU like her. This will weigh her decision in your favor because let's face it, all women are tired of the players and wanna-bes. At your age, women are more interested in a provider/leader that cares about THEM, than they are about "experimenting". They know where these "experiments" lead- broken hearts, failed relationships, and emotional headaches.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • She's scared that you only like her as a friend |OR| she only views you as a friend and has moved on.

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  • I had a similar experience, I tried everything to get his attention, I played games back but it didn't work, more I tried and more he felt pressured...and in the end me too.

    I would recommend to take it easy, do not think too much, if she contacts you fine otherwise I would leave it. If she doesn't contact you it means she's not that serious about it. In that case either she'll come back when she's ready or there will be better ones and you'll find the one that makes you feel comfortable because she won't play any games.

  • maybe she's not doing it on purpose. maybe she has a life...


    maybe she is really playing mind games with u...

    but anyway men hate it but men love it...and there's not mch you can do about it...maybe play along? try to enjoy it? if its too 'heavy' for you aand you are sure she's into u, talk to her about it? but if ur unsure if she's into u, I suggest playing along ..

    • Men hate it... period. Mind games like this are juvenile, when their intentions are to form attraction.

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  • I'd stay the same, I used to date a girl the exact same, I tried to combat it in several ways, including playing my own mind games. I tried seeing her more, I tried seeing her less. I think it's best to just try contact her when you feel the need to. The girl I used to date hated the was I tried to change things to find out what she was doing with her mind games. Of course she didn't word it like that... But it did disrupt things a lot for me, it was alright beforehand and I regret messing with it.

  • Yeah play with her head. When she talks to you tell her that you gotta go. Don't call, text, write, or see her. Make sure you still make sure she knows your into her. Text her or call her saying "Hey just wanted to see how your doing" but if she keeps wanting to talk just be like "well check it out I got to get going I'm right in the middle of doing something" but don't do it every time. Just about 80% of the time. Sooner or later she is going to ask why you always have to go. Tell her that you have a busy life but your willing to slow it down if she wants you spending more time with her because you do think about her the whole time. From there you should know if she is into you or not.

  • No. she's trying to pull you into her zone. its a bad thing. your "always" there whenever she needs you. that's bad. what you gota do is to. don't always talk to her, talk to her once in a while. and if she asks you sumthin, like to go shoppin with her or whatever say your busy. then you'l be pullin her into your zone. and go talk with more girls, it'l get her jealous and starts talkin to you alot, but don't talk to her rite away when she's talkin to you, just ingore her, when she gets mad then turn to her and say hi or wats up? it'l pull her into your zone.