What does it mean when a guy pokes you in the stomach?

Me and this guy were talking and as he was talking to me looking at me in my face I did not want to look at him in his face because he does something to me when this happens. So as he is talking I am listening but not looking at him in his face so he begin to poke me in my stomach not hard and even when I looked at him in his face he steal did this.


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  • I do that to some of my guy pals. So there's nothing necessarily romantic about it; I think there's more context that needs to be given. Here are the main possibilities. More information, and I might be able to give you a better ideas of what's happening.

    1) He was trying to make you laugh, and he's your platonic buddy.

    2) He thinks of you like a sister.

    3) He is romantically interested, and flirting with you.

    4) He's trying to get you ticked off at him and show backbone.

    It could be any one of these things, or a combination of several.

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      Man... Guys are such Douches...

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      Some guys are, yes. But then there are those that aren't. And there are those who aren't complete "douches."

      And girls have their own ways of being incredibly annoying at times, so it's a trade off. My mom does the cold hands thing to me, and yet whines when I try it on her. - you know, the "poor victim" role.