Girls, how long do you ignore someone?

Girls, if a guy best friend, or a boyfriend upsets you, how long do you tend to ignore them? Do you expect them initiate contact after you have cooled down? Do you become stubborn? I just want to get an insight into the female thinking mechanism when it comes to being upset.

  • Vote A I ignore completely and never want to see them again after
  • Vote B I ignore for a few days then contact them/want contact
  • Vote C I ignore for weeks then contact them/want contact
  • Vote D I never ignore and go back to normal quickly
  • Vote E Things will never be the same again so I'm not bothered
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't exactly ignore people, I just stop reaching out to them.

    Usually I need about a day or two to cry out/angrily explode about the situation. Then I need a day or two to let my feelings settle. And we haven't been speaking, I will then reach out when I'm feeling better. I find if I initiate it before I go through my emotional ride I say the wrong things and the situation just gets worse. Normally talking it out with someone close to me helps as well, I start to wrap my head round the issue.

    It depends how close I am to the person. The closer I am the more likely I'm going to talk out what's wrong, but usually they have to ask me, I won't bring the information forward on my own. You always know if there is something wrong with me though.

    The people very close to me know my mood even if I'm faking because my eyes give it all away.