How can I possibly explain why I ignored her so long?

I'll start by saying I realize one of the worst things one can do is to ignore someone for no reason. Well, that's exactly what happened.

I had a really great connection with a girl I used to call/text for a couple of months. We got along really great! It wasn't serious, although we often acted like it did by spending a lot of time messaging/flirting and being in constant communication.

For some reason, another girl got my attention who I went out with, which made me put girl 1 on hold. She sent me a few texts asking about me but not knowing what to say I just completely ignored her. It's now been around 3 weeks.

Now, I'm not someone who plays with people's feelings at all, much less purposely disappointing or worrying someone like that. I really did not intend on behaving that way and wish to re-initiate contact but don't know what to say.

I also don't like making excuses or even worse lying (not that I can even think of what to say if I did), but I feel telling the truth might make her misunderstand me and not want anything to do with me again, and I don't want that happening.

1. Should I tell the truth or make an excuse?

2. If I had to make an excuse, what can I possibly say?
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How can I possibly explain why I ignored her so long?
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