Girls does hair all over the guys body gross you out?

like pubic hair chest hair and armpit hair

does it turn you on or do you think its gross on your guy

how about butt hair arm hair or leg hair?


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  • I hate hair, it doesn't turn me on. But I can handle hair in the places it's supposed to be on a guy, because it's supposed to be there and it looks good.

    I only dislike a LOT of hair. For example, beards that travel down the neck and connect to a carpet of chest hair? That connects to a carpet of back hair, and butt hair? Not cool. If I wanted to date a gorilla, I'd go to the zoo.


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  • Personally I'm not hugely bothered. I absolutely love snail trails, but then I don't miss them when they're not there either. Chest hair/armpit hair/pubes - don't really care, as long as there's not loads. I think the one thing that I do find kinda weird is back hair. A smooth back is always good to run your nails across lol

  • Some hair is OK / tolerable lol... just not too much, as if they look like an ape or something and you can't see any skin, anywhere.

  • Here's the long and short of it:

    I like au natural. But not all women are the same, soooooo...

    Excessive: You probably don't like it either and feel self-conscious. Fix it so you feel comfortable, it's low-maintenance and looks/feels natural.

    Waxed-bare pretty-boy: Step away from the mirror, get over yourself and get a new hobby that actually interests other people and isn't all about your looks.

    If you are trimming or shaving this or that because it makes you feel more comfortable with yourself, you're a swimmer or bodybuilder or whatever, that's fine, but don't get obsessive about it or become more high-maintenance than the women you want to attract or keep.

    Hair in places that men grow hair: You're a man, it's OK, we like it. Don't worry. Spend the time and money on something your female interest might care more about.

    However... if you are with a partner and she has asked you to trim this or that back, it's not unreasonable of her to ask... just do it as long as it is within reason... and as long as she's willing to reciprocate when you voice your own preferences within reason.

    The exceptions: Hair visibly growing out of your nostrils or ears: Ewwww! Unacceptable! Fix that! And don't feel like you're entitled to ask her to reciprocate by expecting her to wax her p*ssy bare, especially if she actually had to ask you to fix that! If she has something equally gross (gigantic hairy mole between the eyes or worse), you may gently suggest it would appeal to you more if she would fix it as well, and to help her to do so.

  • oh gawd. I'll only comment that I like a guy without facial hair, um yeah. hairy arms are really cute but other than that...and hairy legs I guess are normal on a guy.

  • my ex was a hairball and I got used to it but my boyfriend now keeps everything trimmed and it is much sexier. The excess hair just gets sweaty and balled up and just king nasty. Don't have to go bear but keep it manicured please.

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  • I got hair nearly every where except my back and I don't shave it because its not a whole lot of hair and shaving it would mean it would come back in thicker. Plus wouldn't it be weird walking in on a guy and seeing him shaving his chest or other body part lol.

  • Wow, geeze. Women don't realize that men are naturally hairy. There's nothing we can do about it.

    • Women have hairy legs and armpit hair also. Our pubic area can be real hairy too. We may not be as hairy as men, but we have a lot more than you think. Men expect us to groom all of these areas because they have grown accustomed to it. You don't realize that we can be a little hairy because you never see our legs or armpits, and now our pubic hair unshaven. But we shave it, because men would think it is gross for us to have it.

    • I AGREE with marion. We shave everything. Like girls have what? Head hair? Like we do our eyebrows, our upper lips, our stomachs, our underarms, our pubes, our legs, and some even do there arms? What do men do? usually? There face? Ha

    • Lifes a bitch ain't it?

  • I was shocked by these answers honestly lol

    • Agreed

    • I agree with you,evn m kinda hairy at places..makes me feel good after reading this discussion.

      cheers D8880

  • I'm not joking when I say this but I'm 25 and I have very little hair on my body I don't shave I have leg hair but I'm blond so you can't relay notice it I have a small amount of armpit hair and pubic hare my little brother has much more hair than me WAY.

  • Shaving your chest and stomach too often gives you razor burn and can make you break out. If you want a day or 2 it becomes itchy and makes your shirts stick to you. It's a pain in the ass to do all the time.

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