What does it mean when a girl calls you weird?

What does it mean when a girl calls you weird? lol

yeah but I mean when your making stupid jokes that make her laugh
Yeah I couldn't really tell the tone she said it at but I said this because she said she wanted to move to hawaii to start over:

I said "I want to move somewhere warm with coconuts I love coconuts lol."

then she's says "your weird"

I said "oh yeah because I am weird one of your pics your kissing a coconut"

She said "Haha I was just happy to be in warm weather!"


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  • Ohhh it all depends on her tone. If she seems like she's creeped out, she's telling you she thinks there's something wrong with you. If it's all in good humor and you're 100% sure she sees it that way she's kidding around with you and she doesn't have a good come back to what you just said so she uses the cop-out answer :P I do it all the time when I mean it the second way. "You're such a weirdo" or something like that. It can be affectionate, depending on tone.