Why do handsome/sexy men date ugly women?

I feel that I'm an attractive female. When l go out. I see some really good looking men with really ugly women and it makes me mad that I work hard keeping my hair nice nails done clothes neat and then I see some ugly girl with a good looking man that has effed up hair raggedy clothes not a pretty face sometimes I feel like I'm being me when I think like this but please men explain why some men prefer ugly women over pretty ones

Just a note I'm not trying to be shallow. I'm just asking a question that I wondered for a while
The pics with the pink hair and nose ring is old I don't even have. That piercing anymore


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  • Perhaps she has an amazing personality to offer beyond her beauty. Certainly for a lot of football players (or soccer) its kinda funny how they all have stardom quality wifes yet are always getting divorced every few years. I guess aftr the looks fade, the relationship gets to a point where all they have left is the personality and a lot of them just expect their looks to be enough without being able to hold a conversation or express. But maybe the guys preference is actually the women you seee them with, everyones different, a lot of guys don't find the type of girls I'm attracted to as attractive as I do

    • sometimes its just how the girl carries herself that makes her more attractive/not

    • I do have a good personality I feel people judge me because I'm African American I'm supposed to have a bad attitude but that's not the case with me. I am really sweet I don't run around cussing people out.

    • thats good! I can only go by assumption because I know little about you, perhaps you may just give off a certain vibe... its hard to really distinguish, or they may just assume with you. maybe they just aren't personally attracted to you but a lot still would be that may just be shyer not sure

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  • There are too many variables to give a defined answer to this question but I think a lot of it has to be with how she treats him. Attitude and the way she carries herself is also major factors in winning someone's affection. Guys tend to resent self centered, self serving high maintenance women. Women who tend to realize that she has a lot of suitors, she sometimes get lose herself and tends to increase her value of self worth, in negative ways from all the attention and as her character fades, so will her stock.

    Even as such, more often I see beautiful women with ugly men more than the other way around.

  • she turns him on. I knew a lady that was not exactly a runway model...she never wore makeup, nothing fancy about her clothing or wore jewelry or perfume. Nothing I would consider classic femminine dress up. But I found her mildy attractive, we got along fairly well and little by little she became very beautyful to me and she really knew how to push my buttons sexually. She was no runway model, she was heavy, tough as nails( she was a police officer) but can..on a dime...be the most divine femminine creature on earth...ohhh baby...she knew how to play me...that was some experience...i miss her, lol. ***need five minutes alone** ;-)

  • the thing is that YOU find these women ugly. beauty is in the eye of the beholder :-).

    beauty is not only on the exterior. like I said in another post, the WHOLE package counts...

  • Maybe we think you're unapproachable? How do you act around guys? Hot girls usually get hit on less because most guys think that either it's a waste of an effort, or are afraid of being shot down. If you're interested in a guy make it obvious.

    • I don't act stuck up or anything

    • You have to ask your friends that question. You don't know how you are seen through other people.

  • maybe she has something called "cool personality." looks are just 50% when comes to serious relationship.

    and yeah, piercing doesn't help you.

  • not being high maintenance =/= ugly

    being high maintenance =/= pretty

  • Attitude is everything to me. Any "attractive female" with a rude attitude or small mind is out for me.

    I know plenty of hot girls that are total snobs and there is no way in hell I would dream of asking them out, regardless of whether or not they would say yes. I see them, and I run away faster than a raped ape.

    And with all due respect, I do not find you physically attractive. Lose the nose ring and hair dye. Get a better attitude, and you will probably have better luck.

  • I don't know, but I don't find men attractive anyway, so maybe they just got low standards.

    Also there are maaaany couples where's a really pretty girl but a guy who looks just terrible! Really makes me wonder...

    - but you have to consider that today there's an enormous pressure from society not to be single, so if you're single it means that you suck.. so people just drop their standards.. to find someone, anyone..

    • weird I've never felt that pressure to be in a relationship

    • ..really, no wonder why..

  • people can date whomever they want... the fact you get offended at strangers' actions is comical. perhaps work on your personality, and a supposed ugly man or a good looking one would date you.

  • Just here to tell you that you are nowhere near attractive, you are fugly.

  • cause they are probably fun to be with

  • The women who have treated me the best usually aren't the most beautiful. Sometimes we get tired of dealing with all the baggage that comes with dating the beauties. Those lacking in the looks department usually work hard to make up for it in other ways.

  • Lose the facial metal and you're look will improve. Also, try making the first move next time and introduce yourself to a guy you like. If you think you're attractive, you could be giving off a vibe that you're too good to get, and men like the attainable.

    • I'm not ugly with them I'm not gonna change myself for anyone just a note

      I don't always have them in just in pics or outings

    • hell NO, don't approach a guy! its the other way around

    • @bell001 shut up

  • Maybe its because you have an attitude problem.

  • Plenty of good looking girls date scruffy guys too

    • Your right about that

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  • They may happen to think that the girl is very pretty. Beauty is subjective. Just because you find the girl to look ugly doesn't mean he feels the same. She may also have a wonderful personality, have good qualities they are looking for but on the other hand the guy also could be with her only because she's good in bed or they're desperate or something negative like that. There could be many reasons actually.

  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Personality is also very important.

  • Maybe your problem is your attitude?

    • I'm usually really sweet and nice I treat everyone like how I want to be treated. I love helping people I'm just really super nice and bubbly I hope its not my personality because I don't know if I can change that

    • I'm don't doubt that you're generally sweet and nice and bubbly, but your attitude here does come across as quite shallow/judgmental; maybe it's just jealousy rearing it's ugly head.

      I mean, because a girl isn't good-looking (by your standards), she doesn't deserve to be with that guy? Attractive guys shouldn't give her a chance? Maybe she has a great personality and is fun to be around. Maybe the guy doesn't care about nails and fancy clothes; maybe he likes a low-maintenance girl.

    • Nails and hair and clothes aren't everything.

  • 1) she is nice

    2) she is funny

    3) she has money

    4) she lets him f*** her in the ass...

  • Maybe in their eyes that chick is drop dead gorgeous.

  • Has there ever been a moment where you walked out of the house looking raggedy or your hair wasn't done because you maybe weren't feeling good or were PMSing or had a bad day? I don't think it's right to judge or ask why good looking guys date ugly women because we've all had our moments. It's what's on the inside that counts the most. Not our appearance. We're all beautiful in our own way.

  • Maybe she stopped dressing up once she got him to stay and is comfortable without trying to impress

  • keep looking pretty, maybe change your attitude little bit ;)

  • I believe normal person would like to be with someone comfortable.

  • I love seeing " ugly " gals with good looking men , it tells me that they have something going for them that we can't quite pin point. { unless he is sadistically controlling } ... but mostly I dont beleive that is the case, ... the truth is that they have something beautiful togather

    • no they dont.. it means the guy in an insecure beta who needs an ugly woman b/c he's too insecure to be with a pretty girl... you're really stupid and need help

  • men these days are insecure and messed up in the head. Think, on the outside he looks good, on the inside he's messed. He chooses an ugly b/c he has more control over her, and she'll kiss his a** and worship him and do anything for him. He feels secure with her, and not lesser and he looks better than her. He's better than her. he wants to be the hot woman. she's going to be the man. he has issues

  • See J. Geils Band song "First I Look At The Purse".
    Also their avocado- green Hyundai selves look BETTER next to a Honda Civic than next to the Bugatti Veyron. Plus, the ulterior motives exist (in many cases) to get in the less attractive woman's pocket-book and commit infidelities of their own and let themselves GO without reprehension so they can more easily loaf about unshaven and walk around the house with ease as slobs. Fact is, many of these men who go for women who are out of their aesthetic-league DO SO because they are intimidated, INSECURE and paranoid that an attractive woman will stray or get lured away from him or make HIM look and feel 'less- than' ... so he goes for the less aesthetically-pleasing woman because , to HER , he will always be seen as superior looking. SOME of these men enter into such an aesthetically-unmatched marriage full intention to use and abuse & cheat on the less attractive women because they know the good looking woman would be less inclined to tolerate that; she'd either file for divorce OR go get some (sex-on-the-side) of her own; being the equally-attractive person and this type of man KNOWS this. His fragile ego could not handle that cold, hard FACT that he is REPLACEABLE.

  • I agree handsome men do date ugly women sometimes
    Ugly women do more things for men

    And you're not attractive
    You're very average

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • You are ugly myself hunny

  • Opposites attract? lol

  • There are many possibilities.Either the girls' personality is awesome or they are intimidate with attractive girls.Some of them 'think' that beautiful girls are bitchy,have high standard and get hit a lot by other guys.So they don't want to deal with all that.