Why do handsome/sexy men date ugly women?

I feel that I'm an attractive female. When l go out. I see some really good looking men with really ugly women and it makes me mad that I work hard keeping my hair nice nails done clothes neat and then I see some ugly girl with a good looking man that has effed up hair raggedy clothes not a pretty face sometimes I feel like I'm being me when I think like this but please men explain why some men prefer ugly women over pretty ones

Just a note I'm not trying to be shallow. I'm just asking a question that I wondered for a while
The pics with the pink hair and nose ring is old I don't even have. That piercing anymore


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  • Perhaps she has an amazing personality to offer beyond her beauty. Certainly for a lot of football players (or soccer) its kinda funny how they all have stardom quality wifes yet are always getting divorced every few years. I guess aftr the looks fade, the relationship gets to a point where all they have left is the personality and a lot of them just expect their looks to be enough without being able to hold a conversation or express. But maybe the guys preference is actually the women you seee them with, everyones different, a lot of guys don't find the type of girls I'm attracted to as attractive as I do

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      sometimes its just how the girl carries herself that makes her more attractive/not

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      I do have a good personality I feel people judge me because I'm African American I'm supposed to have a bad attitude but that's not the case with me. I am really sweet I don't run around cussing people out.

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      thats good! I can only go by assumption because I know little about you, perhaps you may just give off a certain vibe... its hard to really distinguish, or they may just assume with you. maybe they just aren't personally attracted to you but a lot still would be that may just be shyer not sure