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My girlfriend leaves her used tampons in the toilet and in the shower?

My girlfriend comes and stay the weekend at my house during the summer since my parents visit my aunt every weekend, so I'm home alone. obviously,... Show More

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  • Even more disturbing than her actions is her attitude. 'she said I need to get the f*** over it, because that's how women are and if you want to live with one, you have to learn that this is a normal thing'- No it's not normal to disrespect your boyfriend's house (Or anyone's house for that matter) and not every woman is trashy like that. I'd kick her ass to the curb for the attitude alone if it was me.

    • Doing that right now, she out of my life, someone else can get her ass

    • I agree - periods being part of a woman's life does NOT justify leaving bloody objects around your house. if you were leaving the toilet seat up because "that's how men are" she would probably be pissed. and this is FAR grosser and more disrespectful than something simple like that.

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  • Chris brown her. Wtf

  • No it's definitely not normal. It is disgusting and EXTREMELY unsanitary and unhygienic to do that. I'm betting that she also does this in public washrooms, or she at least doesn't use the proper disposal bins that are provided. Ugh, thinking about this has made me even more averse to using public washrooms.

    She is somebody who does not respect your property and that really means she doesn't respect you or any of the other people in your house. She told you to "get the f*** over it?" Not nice at all. For sure her mother does the same thing and so she thinks this is normal. But then again you called her a piggish tramp which was very rude on your part. I think you could have used a better choice of words.

    However, I think you should dump her. And tell her why - be absolutely straight up about it. She won't like it and guaranteed she will have a fit over it because she doesn't respect you. Personally, I could never date somebody who lacks respect for other people and especially themselves (and this girl clearly doesn't respect herself like she should). Lack of respect for anything is a definite deal breaker for me.

  • Last I checked you threw feminine hygiene products away in the trash, after wrapping them up in toilet paper so they wouldn't stick to the sides. The shower? Really? Ew. Admittedly, you could have handled the situation better by being calm about it, but it IS your house. It's just gross to leave them lying around. ESPECIALLY at someone else's house. It's not normal. I'd dump her. You don't need someone with that poor of hygiene.

  • Its actually pretty gross to openly do that.

    If you live alone and you want to have your bloody draws all over the floor, and your tampons everywhere then okay!

    But when you're in someones home you need to respect it.

    She needs to clean up after herself, she is being dirty and showing the pig she really is.

  • no, that's gross! I would never leave a used tampon or pad anywhere that anyone could ever see it. the vast majority of girls wrap them up and put them in the garbage. they're not good to flush down the toilet anyway.

  • She needs to get rid of her tampons in the trash. Even better wrapped in tolit paper then thrown away. I could understand if the one in the shower she just forgot afterward. Anyways calling her a pigish tramp is out of line and very immature on your part. I would have taking time to get my emotions in check before saying something rude like that. I would in a grown up way tell her that you understand she needs to use tampons during your period but please dispose of them in the trash when finnished with them. Breaking up with her over this is ridiculous and a little dramatic if you ask me. Trust me there are much worse things a person can do. What made you overly angry is I think because of your experience at your job you just didn't have to cone home to seeing it as well, I totally get that. I'm still trying to understand why the hell are women throwing things like that in the tolit, that's just stupid considering there not flushable.

  • EWWW! this is a new one I never heard anyone doing that before. I don't think she should just respect your house I think you should through her used tampoons away whereever she is, what is she saving them for? I think you better have a long talk to her about this.

  • She is gross.. I threw away immediately my tampons revulsed by the sight of them, but most important, I make sure NO ONE see them !

    I'd be embarrassed if I were her !

  • I will honestly tell you , people usually don't do that I their own house or other households (at least I hope not). Tell her politely to please clean up after herself. Like others have commented, it is very unsanitary . I'm guessing she has her own bathroom at her home because nobody would put up with that in same living space.

  • Okay, that is freakin gross. Let her read this comment because she needs to. That is unsanitary and disrespectful. No girl should do that and that is NOT how we are or should act. Geez. But also, I don't suggest you talk that way to your girlfriend(s). That's rude and wrong no matter what she's done. But I CAN see were your coming from...

  • Obviously I've used a public bathroom before and I agree, a lot of women can be disgusting and not hygienic. I always get rid of my tampons, either by flushing them or wrapping them in toilet paper and putting them in the trash.

    You were disgusted and shocked, but your approach probably wasn't the best way to handle it. I wouldn't break up with her right away if that's the only issue you have with her. Tell her in a nice way, that if she's going to stay at your house, that you would appreciate it, if she would clean up after herself and keep things clean.

  • That's disgusting! Your supposed to wrap it up and bury it in the trash:/ Not all girls are like that, most are sanitary when it comes to pads/tampons.

  • Dude. Boot her A.S.A.P. Her behaviors are highly unsanitary, and brings shame to us girls. Gosh, I don't even know how she brings herself to do it! I hide that stuff from people like drugs.

  • It is DEFINITELY not normal and you really ought to let her go.

    She seems like she has respect for no one, especially herself.

  • That is not normal at all. That is very unhygienic. It's one thing to do it in her own home, but it is a completely different thing to do that in someone else's home. She is being not only disrespectful to you but your house and hospitality as well. Please don't let her convince you that that behavior is anywhere near normal.

    You should let her know that, no, that is not normal and to respect your house. If she can't accept that, well...

  • Eeeeewwwww Your girlfriend is a pig. I don't leave mine lying around and I certainly know better than to put them in the toilet. That will end up being one hell of an expensive plumbing bill eventually. My old roommate did that and it cost her a ton of money to fix when it finally clogged up way down the line. Part of yard had to be dug up and everything. Gross, gross, gross.

  • No! it's not ok! It's disgusting and unladylike... Women do not behave like this, unless they have no manners! A woman should never leave her man see such things...

    You need to talk to her... but don't be rude... be wise! Approach her calmly and explain to her that it disgusts you to see such things... talk to her! I mean it's your parents' house! What if they saw that?

  • The panties in the sink is OK as long as she cleans the sink when she's done. But taking her tampon out in the shower/leaving it in the toilet --that is just gross and not acceptable.

  • Ew! I would be highly embarrassed if I accidentally left anything like that out. That is completely trashy. God, that is just disgusting. Anyway, don't let her act like that or treat you like that. I freaked out once because I foun a bloody tampon in a public toilet, I have no idea how you deal with this lol.

  • Eww...that is not how most girls are. I have only ever put my bloody stuff in the trash where it belongs.

  • gross she is disgusting.

  • Leaving used tampons and bloody underwear in plain sight is disgusting..even for girls too. You need to tell her that she have to wrap it up and throw it in the trash! I can't believe I'm even saying this. She should know that this is not acceptable. I'd be actually embarrass if my Boyfriend complains to me about leaving my tampons in sight. I wouldn't even do it to begin with. Next time, approach her in a different way. Your approach might have made her become super defensive. Just tell her in a polite but firm way that you want to keep your bathroom looking presentable (u could probably say something like you never know if I might have a sudden houseguest that ask to use the bathroom) or whatever word you feel more comfortable using. Just try to talk to her, tell her she has to respect your house rules, without calling her names etc that's only gonna make it worst. just my opinion. hope it could help ya.

  • that is not normal at all. that's disgusting. tell her calmly how it makes you feel and if she doesn't listen forget her

  • I have a question...what was her personal hygiene like?!

    I'm sorry you found a girl that gross...we are not all like that!

  • Eewwwwww I'm sorry but you got the nasty of the nasty. I know some women can be VERY gross. I have never heard of a girl leaving her tampon in the shower...:x

    Honestly I can see how it would gross you out and I know if I was a guy I don't know...that would be a deal breaker for me...

    (im betting some negative responses to this but if you don't like it than don't put up with it and leave.)

  • NOT NORMAL! that is so gross. I don't know any girls who would do that, even in their own home... I never leave any feminine products for anyone to see. that's just disrespectful, nasty not to mention unhygenic! EW! dump her she is disgusting

  • That is not normal nor is it OK for ladies to do that.. its unethical not to mention gross.. Dude you are still young and as a female that is really sick what your girl is doing... at 17 I'm sure you'll have other women in your life as you get older...

  • This is really so gross,uncivilised,disrespectful and unhygienic!A female should never do that even in the house that she lives with her husband.So sorry,I don't mean to be mean but I think it is really so shameless for any females to do that.This is something that I just can't tolerate .I always hear cleaners in the ladies' toilets cursing the culprits so loudly because of those pads and tampons that are left all over the place instead of the sanitary bins.Their job is already so difficult and lowly paid and I really feel sorry for them. :(

    • But talk nicely to her.Maybe she is still very young and immature.

  • Your girlfriend is nasty and needs to be more considerate. What the f***, that's not even YOUR house. It's your parent's house. You don't pay bills. And she has the nerve to act like that? Who tf hometrained her?

    Let her know it's gross, disrespectful and you don't appreciate it! Especially in the shower! blegh! That is NOT normal. I never do that; that's effing disgusting.

    • Who home trained her? Obviously nobody.

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  • That is some trashy sh*t right there. I have never experienced something like that.

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