My girlfriend leaves her used tampons in the toilet and in the shower?

My girlfriend comes and stay the weekend at my house during the summer since my parents visit my aunt every weekend, so I'm home alone. obviously, she's bound to have her period every few weeks, but when she's here, she just takes a used tampon and just leaves it in the toilet, un-flushed and once... Show More

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  • Even more disturbing than her actions is her attitude. 'she said I need to get the f*** over it, because that's how women are and if you want to live with one, you have to learn that this is a normal thing'- No it's not normal to disrespect your boyfriend's house (Or anyone's house for that matter) and not every woman is trashy like that. I'd kick her ass to the curb for the attitude alone if it was me.

    • Doing that right now, she out of my life, someone else can get her ass

    • I agree - periods being part of a woman's life does NOT justify leaving bloody objects around your house. if you were leaving the toilet seat up because "that's how men are" she would probably be pissed. and this is FAR grosser and more disrespectful than something simple like that.