Do guys really not care about personality?

I've heard many guys say on here that the girls personality doesn't matter if she's good looking.And I asked a Q if guys like girls who are dumb or play dumb and they all basically said "yes" and that smart girls are the boring/unattractive ones.

So is personality not that important?

So,what should girls who aren't gorgeous or sexy do?I guess we're doomed forever?
Wow,guys really don't care about personality.Never realized looks were the only important factor in a relationship for a guy:( Thanks for answering though!I should probably save up for plastic surgery at this point.Thanks!


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  • Ignore evangelina on this one. I can say first hand I've dated people with so-so looks and great personalities for long periods of time, and I'm generally considered an incredibly superficial/vain guy who does vocally admit that looks are damn important.

    Guys are so simple, but I think you're even oversimplifiying us. I'll make this as simple as possible. Looks matter. Personality matters. Confidence matters (which is really a subset of personality, but its a CRUCIAL subset of personality).

    people keep trying to assume that only one matters. that's not the case. They both matter. and I'll up the ante. They are both *vital*. If you lack either of them. If you are seriously deficient in either looks or personality YOU WILL NOT BE DATED. This is a broad assumption, but anyone who says attractive girls are being dated despite having no personality is being a bitch. That person who said that is being a bitch, because clearly she is judging someone unfairly and being whiny and p*ssy about it. Grow up. Clearly the woman has a personality because the only thing every guy agrees on, from warm hearted good guys to cold calculating assholes like myself, is that you need both a personality and an attractive body to be dateable. A lack of either one REALLY limits the amount of time people will stand being near you. no matter how interesting you are, if we can't stand looking at you, you're done for. No matter how hot you are, if you are boring we want to stab ourselves in the stomach just to have something interesting happen. Sure someone who si attractive but has no personality could get a date or two. I';ve dated such women for a date or two. Then I wanted to committ suicide from boredom so I cut them off.

    Here is my argument that maybe, just maybe, if you have to pick just one, personality trumps physicality.

    Most guys are aware they aren't attractive enough to get every girl out there. They realize they are a 7 or a 5 or a 3. They then go and rationalize that they need to find someone in the same attractiveness vicinity to them. If they are low-numbered they won't care that much if the girl is not as attractive, as long as they are on par with the guy's level. It is extremely rare to ever see a guy compromise on personality, even if he is the most boring guy on earth. We demand great personalities from our women. So in this case, personality is MUCH more make or break than looks since a guy can rationalize lowered expectations on looks, but never on personality.

    still... both of these are equally vital and if you do not meet the expecred standard of a guy in EITHER category you are simply unliekly to get a first, let alone second, date.

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      So ignore me,but you're correct.Why would you of all be correct but no other person in this whole damn universe isn't?

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      Yea,bye,couldn't care less to read anything else you post.Everyone else is wrong but you.Bye

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