Why don't girls ever admit they are much more shallow than guys in general?

I mean girls constantly complain about how guys are so shallow when it comes to looks but that's all guys are really shallow in when it comes to girls. Looks and personality and that's it. Guys are only shallow at things in girls which they can control. Girls can control their looks Because if they don't have a cute face, they can still get a nice skinny body by working out and they will have number of guys asking them out. Guys don't care about a girl's height unless she's taller Because the guy knows he doesn't stand a chance with the taller one. And girls, from short to mid range to tall girls, they all prefer tall guys who are at least 5'10 or 6 feet. And height is something that can't be controlled. Girls are also shallow in a guy's money, which is also something us guys can't control or else everyone would be rich. I don't blame the girls for wanting a fit guy who works out and rejecting the fat guys because that's something us guys can control by hitting the gym every now and then in our free time.

But yeah, girls still never admit they are much more shallow than guys. I mean they are already shallow in money which is the worst shallowness trait ever. In a society where women work and feminists have worked hard so women can get equal rights to work just like men, then what kinda "financial security" do they still want from men when times have changed? It's just an excuse to not work as hard enough and at the same time have a guy buy you fancy and luxurious valuables as much as possible.

Sure, you might see a lot of hot women with ugly men every now and then but it's all because of money. Which I already mentioned is the worst shallowness trait. I mean using someone just for money? That's just terrible and few men use women for money too but just few men. Most men prefer to make their own money and be with a girl who they are attracted to naturally, whether looks wise or personality. But yeah, if a guy is both ugly and not rich, he gets rejected like hell by even the ugly girls.

Sure, you won't see ugly girls much with hot guys as you would see hot girls with ugly guys but that's because most men don't wanna lower themselves to use a girl for their money. And even then, no matter how unattractive a girl is she still has few guys lined up to go out with them. Those really ugly and fat girls still get approached by guys their own league but girls are prone to have somewhat high shallow standards so some choose to say no to them and still expect a prince charming, like 1 of my best friend's older sister.

After typing all this crap out, I hope there are girls who take the time to read ha ha and hopefully admit they are more shallow than guys in general. Not saying all girls are shallow but the number of shallow girls to guys is much higher. That's why 80% of the girls only go for 20% of the guys who they consider as "top status" guys, rejecting all the others who approach them and even call them creeps just because they don't fit their standards.
Why don't girls ever admit they are much more shallow than guys in general?
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