Girls, why don't most of you ever admit that a guy's skin color and race matters a lot?

A lot of guys admit it yet girls don't. And even then, if you compare both guys and girls it's easy to admit that girls in comparison to guys care much more about skin color and race. Guys are generally more open minded when it comes to a girl's race and skin color than girls are when it comes to a guy's race and skin color. I've been to different countries in Europe and Asia and have seen it myself with my very own eyes.

I'm Indian and if you're unaware, there are some Indians and other South Asians who aren't like your typical brown or dark skinned South Asians but are very light skinned. So many of the North Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalis are really light skinned but their chances with girls are far better than your average or dark skinned South Asians. Even in South Asian countries, girls generally go for the lightest skinned guys they can find.

Anyways why did I ask this question? Because of the poll results of this question. Indian guys have almost 20 more votes by girls as the least attractive than the ones who are voted as 2nd least attractive. Indian guys have at least 10 more votes than black girls who are voted as the least attractive by guys. This right here should tell you how girls value skin color and race more than guys.

Personally, I have always had friends of different races who are good looking, fit and good with girls compliment me on the way I dress and many other things. I work out even though I'm not a beast and I don't fit in any of the stereotypical category of an Indian guy like smelling bad. Girls however don't value me the same way as these guys do.

I know this is long but read it and answer please. There are many questions where Indian guys ask girls in short sentences if girls here are attracted to them or not yet only 3-6 girls choose to answer it while the other girls completely ignore it. And not all say yes.
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I asked because I've never been in an area with a large South Asian community so there aren't many South Asian girls available for me to date. I study overseas too so it's tough. I'm wondering if there's no shot for me to approach other girls.
Girls, why don't most of you ever admit that a guy's skin color and race matters a lot?
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