Why does my girl think I don't try hard enough in the relationship?

I've been going out with a girl for a year and a half, and for a while now she's been accusing me of talking down on her and disrespecting her, and claiming that I don't show any love.

I have never in the entire relationship ever called her names, yet she calls me "stupid" "dumb" and all kinds of things, which I understand could be teasing, but even when I ask her not to she actually does it more.

I love her to death, and I make it a point to tell share with her my feelings all the time, all she does is claim that "you say the same thing all the time", yet at times she has such a hard time telling me how she feels about me. I tell her I love her and she can't even tell me "i love you too" when she's around family or friends. I treat her like my queen and will do anything to make her happy, I always make sure I am with her during important moments in her life, and I make it a mission to help her out with things when she is in need.

During the relationship I have made many changes at her request, in regards to the clothes I wear, the music I listen to, the food I eat, and a slight cussing problem I used to have (for that I thank her). I ask her why she wants to change who I am, and she claims "you have to make sacrifices in a relationship". The only things I have ever asked her to do she has not yet changed, which are stop calling me rude names, and to be slightly more punctual, but have never tried to change anything about her character

Whenever someone gets her upset, I seem to take the butt end of it all. She has even admitted that she takes anger out on me. At first I was able to handle it, and I always seemed to calm her down. But lately Its gotten to the point where she putts me down about everything I do, to the point where breakups are threatened, and will make crazy accusations about the most random things, and then yell at me about them. I never get to say anything, and when I try to talk I am interrupted. She claims that I don't try hard enough, and that I don't love her enough, and currently wants to "take a break for a while to see what's more important to you and me" (Which has been said plenty of times before)

I know she loves me very much. Most of the time we get along great, and we spend time after arguments apologizing and sharing how much we love each other. On occasion she breaks down and just spills her guts on how much she loves me and appreciates how much I do for her, but after a bit, she goes right back to being mean and accusing me of not doing anything for the relationship... What's really going on?

Why does my girl think I don't try hard enough in the relationship?
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