Why do women find a need to play hard to get?

I dated girls, went out with others and overall you can say i have a lot of options, not trying to brag but thats how it is, some men just have more options and dont need to really take sh*t from one woman... yet we do and we have no problem to, but there is a catch ladies , it does not work like you think it does !!

90% of women out there think that playing hard to get and acting uninterested will get them the man they want , which is false, most wanted men have options and can easily jump from girl to girl if they want to, when do such men truly dont wanna do that? its when they are in love, when they find what theyre looking for... acting hard to get won't get you that man, but mutual respect and attraction will.
I am not saying sleep with him within a a day of knowing him, but i have never loved or even thought about chasing a girl who ignroed my texts, took too long to answer, acted uninterested or showed me she is better than men and i have to give 200% to get her , in fact the last girl i dated acted hot and cold and i was truly interested in her and showed her that but at some point i just lost interest and moved on cause i had enough... she realized what she had done and started chasing me, a hot girl with options was now the one trying to get my interest back... it wasn't easy cause i was pissed but we ended up dating for a while... point is acting uninterested never works !! you can't mask being a decent human with games ladies.

So why do it? why do women play hard to get? you really have no reason to

(P. S: if he lies about loving you to get sex, thats a different issue and has nothin to do with what iam talking about )
Why do women find a need to play hard to get?
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