Guys: Would you reject a girl you liked because she was "out of your league"?

If a beautiful girl that you idolized asked you out or even blatantly stated she liked you but you felt inadequate, felt like she deserved better, or were worried about possibly disappointing her, would your insecurities lead you to reject her?

The reason I ask is I typically like guys who aren’t necessarily the coolest, buffest, etc. They don’t usually fit into what society says a male should be. They’re typically geeky/dweeby, very skinny, shy, etc. I find these things attractive but most of these guys are teased and have faced a fair amount of rejection from other girls and maybe even the general public. Unfortunately, I do fit stereotypical socially acceptable female profile. My friends, coworkers, family all ask me why I like these guys because I could do so much "better". However, I don’t think their definition of better is actually better. I like theses guys's personalities and that they are usually more genuine and sincere.

I can appreciate that a guy may be too insecure to approach a girl that he thinks is out of his league. BUT if she approached you, asked you out, or even stated she liked you would you reject her because she is “too good” for you? Because you think you may disappoint her? Because you are too shy? Inexperienced with relationships?

If so, what would/did you tell her, what excuse would/did you use? That you weren’t interested? That you were too busy to date? That you were already seeing someone?

Did/Would you ever change your mind and admit to her that you wanted to date her?

I guess this question could also apply to girls who've rejected a guy for the same reason. As I’ve rejected guys I thought were out of my league over my own insecurities.

Guys: Would you reject a girl you liked because she was "out of your league"?
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