Why do I think girls don't like sex?

I sometimes hate girls. I see rejection in the face of every girl I see because I've been rejected so many times. I'm conditioned to think they don't like sex.

if you read my profile and see the other questions I've asked and responded to, you see a normal decent good-looking successful dude. I'm socially active, friendly, intelligent, and talented. I've been molded by society and the girls in my life to really feel bad about this whole issue.

Sure you may say "chin-up' or 'there's one special girl for you', but BS!

Girls have taught me my whole life that things are more important than sex (starting with my Mom. Thanks Mom).

I'm sorry I'm a horny guy and my unrequited passions leave my cynical. I wish I wasn't so horny so I wouldn't feel so bad.

Reading about all the so-called horny chicks on this site is like a book of fiction. I really don't believe any of you exist. I see happy couples and think the girl refuses sex every night.

I met one girl in my life who admitted to actually liking sex. I saw her at my sister's wedding a few years ago. She said she's as horny as ever and it broke my heart that I never met another girl like her.

Why is it so hard to meet girls that like sex? They all play hard to get and make it this big deal like it's a special favor to me. I want to give up but my hormones keep my blood boiling. If I was a girl I'd be getting laid a lot. Why is it so hard to meet a girl who likes sex when they're supposed to want it as much as guys?

Maybe I should see a therapist or something. I'm running out of rope to hold on to. I see rejection in the face of every girl I see.

How many other guys feel the way I do?

Girls: can you understand how I feel? Have you met a guy before and downplayed your sexual needs?

Why do I think girls don't like sex?
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