Would you date a guy with a low income?

Please give brutally honest answers; do NOT try to be politically correct and give corny dishonest answers!

Would you date a guy who had a slave-labor job?


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    I don't want to say no, but I wouldn't if he was stuck there and began to hate it. I wouldn't want to live with someone who doesn't remotely like what they do and seem trapped in doing it over the long haul.

    That kind of entrapment is big part of what I believe drove my parents apart. Not the wages, the trapped part.

    I wouldn't really have a problem with being the main bread winner, which given this scenario is likely being I'm more or less going into a white collar level job market. (granted, living cost for the area is a big factor on what's actually 'low income') I'd have a problem if he became resentful towards me or himself for it though. I wouldn't want to unintentionally do that to someone.

    So, ideally, I'd like someone on a sort of similar level. Though 'clicking' and personality go far past an income level. Ex: artists/musicians can earn diddly squat, but its not really a "trapped" job. Or someone could be totally fine with the 9-5 drudge, some people are. And that'd be ok.

    But I'm not very like that, so I don't know what the likelihood of me clicking with that personality would be.

  • probably, depending on how much I like him. getting married on the other hand, I don't know about that...

  • It honestly depends on what phase of life I'm in and how much I care about him.

    When I get to the stage of my life where I'm having kids and picking out houses, I need my partner to step it up and have a job that can provide him with enough to create a certain lifestyle. I don't care if he's rich, but realistically, raising children is expensive. I think you get to a certain point where relationships become financial partnerships when you get married or even just move in together. Especially when you move in together! Because that other person's income and what they can pay for bills and groceries lets you know how much money you need to put forward for bills then how much money you have for spending.

    Yet if I was madly in love with him, I could definitely see myself accepting that part of him and struggling day to day.

  • If he's there as a stepping stone to something else, yes. If not, no.

    This just shows lack of ambition. As someone working towards a PhD I would resent him for it.

  • YES as long as he has bigger dreams and goals to achieve , but if he's going no where then no.

  • It's not about income but about ambition to me. So if he's broke because he's in med school or doing something else worthwhile then I wouldn't have a problem with it. But if he's just working a dead-end job in fast food or something, then that shows me he has no plans for his life and I'm not attracted to that.

  • It's not exactly ideal but I wouldn't rule him out just because he's broke. There are plenty of jobs out there that don't pay much but are very rewarding. It really depends on the reason he's in that situation. If he's doing nonprofit work or social improvement work or he is truly working to get himself out of a bad situation, I would definitely date him.

    Besides, I'm overly cautious about that sort of thing and I try to make sure that my guys are decent and respectful. I usually try to know them for a while before I even consider dating them . If he's on my radar, chances are he's a good guy and that means more to me than how much money he makes.

  • how much a man makes doesn't matter. You date a man to spend time with him and get to know him, not judge how much he has to empty his pocket. As long as the man doesn't use you, or make you pay for stuff all the time, because he's broke. If it was "marriage" it'll be different.

  • Yes, I would.

    I understand the whole stability piece and why it would be preferable to some females if their guy can provide/equally contribute, etc. And I'm not going to judge that, what works for them works for them. But to me, a guy with a low income wouldn't scare me nearly as much as losing the guy I love because I'm too focused on financial/life stability.

    Imo, a stable financial footing by no means measures up to the experience of love, especially one that's life lasting (which yes, with the current divorce rate even that too is rare apparently :p). But ultimately, I want to be able to look back on memories, not necessarily bills that were able to be payed every time, on time. :)

  • Yes I'm actully Intrested I'm a food server at the moment

    • i know right

    • lol, can't get any more slave labor than that

  • I did it once. The guy was a student and didn't have a job. It wasn't easy, every now and then I would whinge about paying everything, but too bad I was in love.

    So to answer your question, as long as I love him it will be a yes. Slave-labor job is better than no job.

  • the guy I'm in love with has no job and doesn't go to school and basically does nothing constructive.

  • Yes but only if he was really good looking. but I would not marry him so if I found someone better that had more money I'd dump him because I'm not settling down with someone who can't provide

  • Right now I'm not looking at marriage, children or settling down, so yes.

    But in the future, no.

  • Date, yes. Marry, probably not. I want a family in the future, and if he is going to be working at low-income jobs all the time, this is going to be harder.

  • If he didn't look like he made a terrible wage. Honestly, I would be hesitant, it pretty much means you are paying for everything. I will be your friend and hang out with u, but if he has better goals in mind then yea I'd consider it, if he had no Intention of bettering himself then I don't see myself wanting a future. Also it really depends on his age.

  • I'd try not to. If he was a really great guy I'd be okay with it though.

    • My current boyfriend makes a lot of money, and I like it because I'm spoiled rotten and he never hesitates to take me out on dates or anything. I could go without all that though and I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue.

  • LOL that's all I ever seem to want to date, so yes. I'm not materialistic at all and, personally, it would make me feel uncomfortable if my bf/husband made a lot more than me. those with middle class jobs seem to be th4e most down to earth.

  • Yes I would, whether he was intelectually compatible with me...don`t want to be insulting, but it is almost a rule that mentality in that kind of income classes speaks for itself.

    Surely, man can also find a bunch of college people who are also everything else as intellectuals...so jerks can be found anywhere.

    I do not have problems with my income, so there probably won't appear big financial problems, when living rationally - consequently, for me; money is not a problem, it is the way of thinking.

  • depends on how low and in what kind of situation he is right. If he just graduated from college it's only normal if he doesn't make a six figure salary. If that is the case however he should have the ambition to change that.

    So generaly I would not date a guy who had a "slave-labor job". One major reason for that is that I want to have a couple of kids at some point, so at least for I while I won't get my full salary and thus we would greatly depend on his.

    I'm sure that women who don't want a family won't mind though, as long as they don't have to support him

  • Honestly I would. In this economy one minute he could be the one with the low income and the next it would be me and I know I would want someone to give me a chance. However if the date is a buss and I really don't have anything in common with the guy then well what he makes wouldn't even be a decisive factor...

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  • girls onle date guys who are above or at par with her income, so if you are lower than her it won't happen.

  • They will probley date you for a while but in time they will dump the guy, no women wants a man who does a labor job, that's just life lol

  • It is like sayhing I am not a gold digger but I don't want to be called one lol. That are the answers I am seeing lol. Forget the women stack paper lol. Some people don't realize that a lot of low wage workers did or graduated from college... New stats show that women are outearning guys perhaps due to the heathcare field is in demand and nurses get PAID lol. If I was at some slave labor job, I would not want to mix a relationship with it. I would probably takeout the frustrations of the job in the relationship lol.

  • This is like asking guys if they want to get kicked in the balls. You already know the answer to this.

    • Lol I think he was hoping it was different.

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