🥵🤤🤡Driving 3 1/2 to Sneak into my friends with benefits's Grandma's house for 24 hours?🥵🤤🤡?

This guy and I have been friends with benefits for about 7 months now🍆🍑. I think our relationship got complicated because it got to the point where his family knew about me but I haven't met them, and then he would talk about our future together, to him ejaculating inside of me a couple of times because I told him I wanted to have kids with him during sex.😬🥴
Long story short, He moved to a different state about 3 months ago and we fell off literally the last I saw him here but we reconnected about a month ago💔➡💘. He recently asked me to come to see him. He stays about 3 1/2 hours away and he already agreed to pay for my gas to get there and back.🚗🗺
Here's the thing, he has to sneak me into his Grandma's house when they are not there since they have cameras inside and out and they will not be home, I cannot leave the room, and I don't think we will go out and do things like a date because of his low income.🤫🤐
Oh, and he has told me on multiple occasions that if I go and see him that I will leave pregnant so I can move out there with him and start a family with him.🤰🏽I told him that's not gonna happen because we will use condoms, not only because of his desire to impregnate me, because, I don't know what he has been doing behind my back since he left. Just to be safe.🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️
Anyways, I would love to go see him because it sounds fun and good but I have some morals and self-respect, and the fact that I'm sneaking into his Grandma's house before meeting his family sounds like it is nothing serious like he makes it sound.🙄 So before I do something that is stupid asf because I am in my feelings and have hormones going crazy, I wanted to get an outsider's opinion on this situation. Is this stupid? Or Not?
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I told him that I am too grown to be sneaking into houses and that it's a bad idea. His whole demeanor changed and he got quiet and gave short responses. Then, I asked him why I haven't met his family yet and he said he didn't know why. Then he hung up on me.😐
🥵🤤🤡Driving 3 1/2 to Sneak into my friends with benefits's Grandma's house for 24 hours?🥵🤤🤡?
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