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Do girls like Irish guys??

Top of the morning to all ye wee lash`s. do you like Irish guys if you do what is it you like about them

PS: I'm Irish

i meant lass

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  • To be honest, I haven't met too many guys who were actually born in Ireland- there are plenty in my area with Irish heritage, but I've only ever met one who was actually born there. I do love Irish accents though...Other than that, aren't Irish guys basically the same as most other guys around the world?

What Girls Said 18

  • sure why not, the accents cute

  • if you were irish you would have said lass not lash

    • oh yeah sh*t just notices that now. nah I am irish seriously

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    • The Irish ain't great, but fair f***s to ye for spelling hurling right. If you'd have googled that sh*t, it would have had the fadas and everything. But you typed that sh*t, clearly. Where in Ireland are you from? Culchie-land or the ol'smoke?

    • Im from waterford boy. Yeah I'm good enough at the irish language but I said id just put up some basic stuff for proof that I'm irish yano

  • Too used of the accent to find it special. :P

  • I'm Irish..and yeah I hav a big thing for Irish lads, especially the ones from the south wi there accents, HUMOR is a big thing, and half them have this gorgeous look about them I just can't resist :P

  • I don't really know what is deference between irish guy and not irish guy...if you like some guy...for you it is not important age, race, color of the skin and so on :D

  • I LOVE IRISH GUYS! I am 100% adopted Irish and it just makes my day, I love the accents, but if you are Irish American I love the eyes and just the whole paleness with feckless and the normally the light colored eyes (unless your black Irish: when Spain polluted Ireland and matted with the Irish making dark hared dark skinned dark eyes, basically Irish Spaniards) is hot lol I don't know just like them in general I guess its just what I'm used to

  • Yes yall are adorable! (: I just love the accents!

  • Yeah my friend loves their accent. She really wants to go there. And well yeah I like Irish guys if they're hot

  • oh yeah :)!

  • i don't know if I like irish men, because in the end they are just men. there are men everywhere.

    however. I do like irish accents.

  • It's not all about the nationality.. However your accent does help :)

  • I love their accents!

  • ha ! why did you say lass ? I don't know one person who actually says that ? and I suppose I do..

  • haha yea, girls do

  • Irish accents are cute :)

    I love listening to how a guy talks, so any accent other than mine is a bit more interesting lol. I live down South in England and I find any guys up North are much more laid back and have a better sense of humour.

  • I am married to a Murphy and I'm asian. :P

  • Oh god yes!

What Guys Said 5

  • They do, so long as you aren't from Ireland since everyone here has an accent... I'm from the North, About 40'ish miles from Belfast.

  • Irish GIRLS are PRETTY!

  • hahaha..you let her drink irish milk coffee...she will follow you..hahaha...depend on the girl...how she review ya personality...hahahhaha, nationalism isn't a matter,but how she sees inside the inner beauty..

  • I know the Irish don't like it when the Irish-Americans annnounce their Irish heritage... but screw them. County Mayo baby!

  • Irish guys never have kids.

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