Is it really a sin to draw animals in Islam?

Iv always understood it was haram to draw people... but recently came to learn that its also a sin to draw animals as well? Iv drew a few latley... drawing is my judge passion and I find animals to be beautiful and exotic...

Ohh and is drawing insects a sin as well?


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  • Yes, it's haram according to many Hadiths.

    • Aww I drew so many animals lol now I have to throw them away

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    • Yes my intentions are always clear... i now Il find other things I can work on..

      Thanks for answering your was most accurate.

    • Thank you for MHO :)


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  • Hey, according to Islam, even playing the piano is haram.

    • Really? Didn't know that

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    • I haven't heard of "honor killings" in any non-Islamic place or family.

    • I know but what can we say those people are crazy but those things they do isn't according to what's written in the Quran... its a shame actually...

  • Seriously, what the fuck is up with that religion? What isn't it a sin to do?

  • Yes, I believe it's anything with a soul.

    • What about insects? Like butterflies

    • I wouldn't to be safe, I was really sad when I found this out.

      I'm not 100% sure but I've heard you can draw for example people and animals with missing features like faces. But I can't say for sure.

  • Jesus said it is okay to draw animals as long as they are all boarding Noah's ark.

  • Don't think you hurt the animal by drawing a person or animal. It is the opposite by drawing a persn or animal admire the creation and by that honor the creator.

  • What isn't a sin in islam. Hell even when you poop you're supposed to face away from mecca.

    But don't worry cuz beheading people, killing children and kidnapping and selling women is all ok in islam. So you can still have some fun.


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  • I'm not really sure but I've heard that drawing living things is haram. Praise be to Allah. He knows best. You really do not want to suffer the punishments for all eternity. Just to have fun for maybe about 60 years. (Average life span according to me)

    I should really learn to take my own advice

  • It was forbidden at the begining of Islam because people were WORSHIPPING to them. It was days of Ignorance.
    People believed ICONS. So to make it clear ; it was said all to arabic people; no more drawing no more icons. It was to stop them.
    Now we are modern people. Who believes in Icons anymore?

    Before believing something; think about it. Islam is an intelligent religion. Despite whatever they say; think about it. It has never been an ignorant religion. People make it ignorant by their nonsense behaviors.

    I am Muslim myself. Just for your information.

    • thats exactly what justin bieber fans say about justin bieber

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    • nooo please allah hu akbar with me :O

      how is it my opinion , the quran literally says that. It's stupid to think that even exists.

      But the again muhammed couldn't write stuff so he had other people to write it. Perhaps some words got jumbled... I mean it's kinda hard to fuck a kid and convey the message of god at once? ! XD

    • @lightenup your a real peace of crap.

  • I don't think so.. keep on drawing what you like.. I really don't think it is that big of a deal to be called a sin..

  • I think so I don't remember why

  • There are a lot of thing that are haram in Islam... yes, drawing Animals and Humans may be considered one of them... but I don't remember reading that in the Qu'ran. My family is Shia and don't go by hadiths. It is a person's interpretation that drawing a human or animal may be mistaken for an idol. I think that is B. S. and ridiculous. Are you drawing the animal or human to worship like an idol? I'm guessing the answer is no. So it's more about intention really. I draw humans all the time because I like art... no one has every said anything to me about it. I'm not Muslim anymore but I read the entire Quran and practiced most of my life... learned a lot about it so if you want to be really strict... yeah it's not permitted depending on the school of thought you follow.