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Guys, why do guys purposely annoy girls or try and get a reaction out of them?

1) why do guys tell sex jokes or just flirt in a sexual manner? 2) how can you tell if a guy likes you vs him being nice 3) do guys ever out grow... Show More

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  • 1. They lack wisdom and have sick, shallow minds.

    2. I myself am nice to everybody around me but I make it known I am attracted if that is the case.

    3. Yes, unless you are what we refer to in #1.

    4. Because we like you.

    • For number one is it because they want to sleep with you?

      For 2, how do you do so

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    • actually I think I do that for everybody, well if I like a girl I eventually do something dumb like ask her if she wants to go out sometime, which I know nobody does anymore but it's all I got, and after that she usually sqwurms and says no and its weird after. But that's life, like that song by queen, "another one bites the dust,"

    • Awhh cool. I like your attitude though

  • 1. Uh, they want to bang u...

    2. Usually if he is being nice he likes u

    3. Some do

    4. It's fun and good entertainment

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