What does he want?

I met this guy a year ago. He showed interest in me, asked for my number and we started talking and flirting etc. After two months I decided to tell him that I had started liking him and he got nervous. He told me he was unsure of what he wanted (it was too early for him to decide) and he apologized for flirting with me and making me fall for him. I accepted his apology and wished him well and let him go.

1 month later:
I then noticed that he was wanting my attention again. After a while, I started talking to him a little again, he started teasing me. On a daily basis. Name-calling, trying to make me laugh or to banter with him, annoying me, taking my things and hiding them, talking about me loudly to other people around us (so that I'd look) and purposely doing things he knows would get my attention.

3-4 months later:
I started opening up a little bit, and instead of ignoring him I'd talk to him more, stare at him, approach him a little bit, initiate conversations, tease him back, and show small signs of interest (shyness etc). He randomly contacted me again (on sc) and sent me three "subliminal messages". He was driving in his car, and filmed the road while listening to heartbreak songs. He sent me spesific parts of the songs while driving. The song lyrics were about a guy realizing that he had lost a good girl and wanting his love back because he realized his love for her.
I ignored the songs he sent.

6 months later:
After summer break I don't know what happened to me. I saw him and it was as if my feelings had resurfaced. I saw him and I didn't think or say anything, I just sort of "ran away" from him, all flustered and nervous. He started teasing me about it. He said he'd catch me and make me shyer that I already was. In other words, he was flirting with me based on my behavior around him. I realized he knew the vibes.

8 months later:
He keeps teasing me about my behavior and says he knows why I'm nervous around him, why does he want me to tell him the reason?
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Thank you for all your answers! I wrote the age wrong, were both in our mid-20s
What does he want?
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