What does he want from me? Why does he and I come back to each other all the time? What are he and I?

He and I have been attracted to each other for years. Every time we go back to each other for multiple times.
He even wanted to cheat with me while he was in a longterm relationship but I told him I'd never cheat. He tried to convince me all the time but it never happened.

After his ex broke up with him, days after that, he told me that he wanted a relationship with me but I said I can't be in a relationship because of a personal situation.
He cheated on his ex.. and he acts he don't know the reason why they broke up and that she is crazy for breaking up with him because the ex said some simple things why she broke up with him.
What I thought what is weird when he said that about his ex, while he was the one who cheated.

I thought he understood that it was just for fun what we had but it started to get serious very fast.
Then I saw that he didn't get my personal situation at all. That I can't leave it, like how easy his life is.
Then he said I wasn't clear enough in the beginning while I actually was very clear to him that it's wrong timing.

Then he got pissed off, said he just wants to have fun, so only sex, when he contacted me again.
Every time I break it off and I said that we are better off with no contact.
He comes back all the freaking time and yeah he knows I have a thing for him too.
He loves the way we have sex and I do to actually but I noticed all the time that's the only thing we have in common.
And last time, I told him the truth that he doesn't get me at all, only sees it from his perspective, and that he wants me to change how I live my life but he doesn't want to understand why I live differently than him.

Even whatever changed in his life, he always updated, till now, what he achieved.
As if he wants to know.
While he always said that he wants a relationship with me or just friends with benefits. I just don't get what he wants from me. What does he want at the end?
What result doe he want; relationship or friends with benefits?
What does he want from me? Why does he and I come back to each other all the time? What are he and I?
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