Do guys purposely ignore the hotter girl? Why are men so petty?

I'll try to keep this short. My friend has terrible acne marked skin, fried hair that has stopped growing due to being so fried, and premature wrinkles. She keeps in shape, but has to watch what she eats. I am 24 and she will be 26 in a few weeks.

She died her hair and wears extensions to look like me. She said I look like you now with a big grin on her f ace. She even said it herself. She got so happy when some one thought we were sisters. She even watches what I eat so she can get my body. I don't wish to look like her at all.

I am naturally a size 2, Extra small and I can eat mcdonalds all day if I wanted to.

To put it bluntly I am way more attractive than her. My brother once asked if my friend was cute when I was talking about her and I showed him a picture and he's like "eeew no." One time I was hanging out with a guy friend, who she hooked up with. He was with his guy friends and I was talking about me and her hanging out. One of the guys there asked me if she is as beautiful as me and the guys hse hooked up with laughed and said no. Her very own boyfriend has touched me without her looking.

When we go out, I don't look for attention and avoid guys because they can be annoying in the bars. She craves attention and has to work for it. When we dance, I swear to you, guys will approach us, with HER BACK TURNED TO THEM, and they will be staring at me and I will look away because I don't want them to approach. And they go out of their way to cut in the middle of us dancing and talk to her. It's like they know I am not interested and do it to **** me off.
Sometimes I don't feel like dancing and I will go off to the side and just let her do her own thing. When she is by herself guys NEVER even look at her! I swear on my life, guys won't even dance with her. When I went off by myself I had to beat the guys off with a stick I couldn't even sit alone without a guy asking me why i was buy myself. Yet once I get with her, it;s like guys will purposel
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dyed not died... I get confused because I get all these reactions like wow you are so beautiful wow you are so gorgeous... and she never gets these reactions... Is it because she's just easier to approach and okay looking?
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My brother loves women and is not super picky meaning he doesn't expect the girl to be model hot and even he was like no and nodded his head and laughed when he saw her picture lol
Do guys purposely ignore the hotter girl? Why are men so petty?
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