You rock my world - when a guys says this what does it mean?

guy friend has been what seems to be flirting on and off for a while then out of the blue during a mindless convo he says to me "you rock my world". what is he trying to say? if he likes me, he hasn't asked me out. and since I didn't know what he wanted cos he's always flirting around, I didn't take him seriously so didn't say anything back. now he plays me hot and cold and I hate it.


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  • Sounds to me like he likes you but you don't like him and he can tell you don't like him so he's flirting to test the waters. A guy doesn't say that to any girl. I'll bet he's waiting because he just doesn't know where you stand because you don't take him seriously. If you do like him, I'd strongly suggest flirting back or at least responding to him because not responding to him when he says stuff like that is up there on how to lose a guy fast.

    • Totally makes sense. If you aren't texting him back/not giving him anything there won't be much reason to be proactive. Good luck!

    • thanks. the odd thing is he used to be very proactive in calling me, texting me, emailing me etc but lately it's died down. I want him to do that again. I'll try out your suggestions and see where it leads me.

    • Thanks :) I try.

      To encourage him to make a move, he has to know the odds are in his favor that you'll say yes. I'd suggest possibly going out of your way to text him just to talk, pay attention to him, and really just show that you're interested with your eyes and the way you smile at him. Also as I said above, flirt back with him. Rack up the tension a little bit by giving him something, anything, that may hint you're interested.

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