Girls: "Boys are stupid throw Rocks at them."?

So there was shirt that was printed (pic here: link )

Although many girls kind of are tongue and cheek about it, there apparently is a lot of guys that where bothered by it. I kno one woman said her young son saw another shirt that just said "boys suck" in a mall shop window, she said he seemed really troubled about it and asked "mom, why do I suck?" Now, most older guys are probably indifferent to it and a lot of girls probably think "gosh its just a joke lighten up" Personally I'm not offended really its just kind of a funny little thing. However, you have got to understand that a lot of guys can develop fragile emotions and feelings of inferiority. Girls may think " how can guys ever feel inferior, they run the world basically". Well, in some ways the way guys feel about their gender can be not so great for some big reasons"

1) Girls attend college more, get better grades, and 80% of all HS dropouts are boys. (worst yet we are told that more PE classes for credit are the answer because apparently we can't be expected to sit still and learn in a classroom)

2) We are diagnosed with adhd and other mental disorders much more.

3) Boys are 4 times more likely to commit suicide

4) worst yet, despite all the above, some feminists (not all, just some) view our gender as oppressors and so the success we do have in the working world we are told to be ashamed of.

Now, I have not been above making little sexist jokes ("wanna here a joke? Women's rights?) and some even more worse ones I won't repeat. While a lot of girls would just roll their eyes and know that I was only trying to be funny, some girls may not. A girl who may have been beaten by a boyfriend or been assaulted might be horrified because even though it was jokingly, bottom line is I am withholding sensitivity to a situation ( and person) that demands it. Also consider that Sexism towards men can be more mentally damaging. Hear me out: What is worse? Being told your "role" is to be a mother, cook, and stay at home or that you are actually inferior to the opposite sex with your only real use being to pump out sperm and yet you succeed in the world only because you are abusive and over-aggressive. I can tell you now I think twice before I ever say anything even mildly sexist.

Girls: "Boys are stupid throw Rocks at them."?
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