What does it mean if girl raises her eyebrows during eye contact?

this girls does that a lot,she won't say hi ,she talks with her eyes or smile at me,i try to intentionally talk to her she just smiles and doesn't talk much no matter how much I try to prolong the conversation,i know she finds me attractive but is it possible to know if she interested in me not just find me attractive like just eye candy to her eyes


Most Helpful Girl

  • it means she's excited.

    • well she doesn't talk much when I talk to her,i don't know what's her excitiment ? ,i am just caught up between whether she finds me just attractive or likes me

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What Girls Said 5

  • She is thinking or amused, idk

  • If she smiles at you, she definitely likes you. You should ask her if she likes you.

  • Probably means why the hell are you looking at me

  • She's tired of you.


What Guys Said 1

  • She has an itchy forehead.