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The dreaded winter formal...what to do?

OK. It's that time of the year. My schools Winter Formal has just been announced and I find myself dealing with the same issue as the years before.... Show More

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  • Ok first of. We don't really have those things here. But we still have dances' at school and stuff like that.

    But if its a small school and you ain't all asking each other to the prom* I see no problem in just winging it.

    Dress up good and be sure the guys know your there when you enter.

    As for the dance part. Well I don't know much about that. I'm a terrible dancer.

    Slow dance request:

    Guys who like to dance, well thing they will be easy to get out on the floor. But on the other hand. If the guys have respect the will dance with you if you just poke their man hood a little.

    Wanna dance?

    erhh ... wellll

    Ah come on. Don't be a chicken. (in a joyfull way)

    Id say they chances are big.

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