Ladies: Guys with backward baseball hats, hot or not?

the title says it all.

do you think backwards baseball hats are hot on guys? why or why not?


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  • ehh...not really...

    hoods are hot though! when a guy wears a hoodie and puts his hood on ahhh so sexyyyy! <333

    • What about hoodie and a hat? sometimes guys go a bit over board.

    • Nah that just looks was your head that cold that you needed a hat and a hood? lololl

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  • not.


  • damn! I can't believe so many girls are saying they don't think its hot!

    for all my life that I've liked boys, I've LOVED when they wear a backwards baseball hat! its always been a weakness of mine!

    I think its so hot, and cute, and adorable, and loveable, gah I go crazy for it!

    I'm not exactly sure why, but I love it!

  • Not. But it's not that they're a turn-off. Just that I don't see anything hot about that.

  • idk to me it seems HOT it gives him that rough look

  • not... :-)

  • Hot! I love guys that ware backwards baseball caps. Guys eyes are my weakness. Seeing there eyes is better then having them covered up. So yes I love guys with backwards caps.

  • no

    only douchebags wear their hat backwards.

  • Not. Not a fan of hats anyway.

  • Probably not... just because I'm more into gangsta guys wearing "non baseball hats" lol, but I think to the side is cute.

  • Not, I think it's lame. What's the point in the hat if it's worn backwards?

  • No, it just kind of screams I'm immature, not sure why.

  • Depends...but 4 the most part no childish lookin :S

  • ...i didn't even know guys still did this

    • Im not sure where you live, but where I live, it's very common. I live in a very rich area in my state where people are very in style with fashion. I would say 90% of guys that wear baseball hats wear them bacfkwards....

      I would think that if women hat that bakwards hat look as much as they seem to do based on these responses, men would eventually learn to wear them forward and the style would go out fast.

      I find it odd that the backwards hat is so popular, yet women hate it with a passion..

  • Not the 90's are over. Unless they have one sexy head of hair then maybe, but if your over 21 loose the hats period.

    • So how would a "sexy head of hair" make it okay? that hat is covering the hair. How could it help if it is hidden by the hat?

      What do you mean by "sexy hair", define sexy hair...

    • So are you gonna answer my question?

  • I don't mind a guy with a backwards hat but I think the normal way is way hotter. I don't know why but I always love a guy in a ball cap worn the right way, maybe its the way it kind of hides the face and gives that air of mystery. The one way that I hate and if I even see a guy like that I don't even think twice about him is the sideways ball cap. I mean really?

  • not. it's very 90's

  • Not. I think it makes them look stupid but then again it depends on the guy. White guys look super nerdy with backwards hats. Asian guys look Cute not hot. Black guys look good wth backwards hats.

  • uh no. but some people can pull it off. but most are wieners

  • Makes me want to up slap em in the head

  • not. makes me think they're balding or douchebags or both

  • NOT ! I hate when guys wear backwards hats-the look like ignorant scoundrals

  • simple answer, no

  • it all depends on the shape of the face and just how it looks. mainly hats look best normal.

  • I think it looks good on some guys, not all thought. I would ask a girl tha'ts a friend and go with what she suggest :)

  • definitely not unless you're a preteen lol

  • It looks nice on some guys. Just like berets look nice on some guys and cowboy hats look nice on some guys. It's all about how the guy wears it and whether it suits his face. With some guys, the cap brings attention to their what's best about their face.

  • Not really my thing. But as long as they're not hiding something scary and gross looking underneath it's fine.

  • It depends. Personally, baseball caps are my weakness, and backwards is always better. But if I can tell that the guy is not athletic at all and has no knowledge of the sport/team whose cap he is wearing, that's a huge turn off. Typically, it's the whole package that's attractive. Body physique, personality, etc, compounded by the backwards hat.

    Baseball cap = sporty, adventurous, little bit of bad boy, passionate about his favorite team
    Backwards (not hiding eyes) = open, honest, not afraid to get close to you, practicality

    These are things that women unconsciously read into baseball caps.

  • umm maybe I don't know only some guys can pull it off

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  • That's swoosh, not swish.

  • unless you are a catcher in baseball at practice, hats are forward. on the street, most the guys by me are douch bags and fags. I have one hat that I wear backwards but that's when my hair is long and I'm reading music and need to see the music I'm reading but usually its on forward which I like the best

  • gosh I look I look at kids that wear them sidways and F*** I want to deck them in the face bcz they look so gay

    and I am not jelous either

    • Hahah yes!

    • Most guys agree they are total douches!!

      except the ones that do that and thier freinds

  • It makes you look like a total fag.

  • Makes you look stupid.

    • Why would somewone wear a hoodie with a ballcap on a hot summer day?It seems they are the ones that are in the news and photos for crime to cover their faces.They are a bunch of crimminals

      I always said,never trust a hoodi wearing this outfit on a hot day especially with one that covers more face than others.

      I live in Toronto,and almost all" hit and run" crimes are done by Hoodies.

      Thieves,cowards grafitti taggers all love to wear them.

      Ladies,there is nothing cool or sexy about the hoodie