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Do guys like girls who drink?

Do guys like girls who drink? or good girls who don't?

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  • ok, I am not a teenage guy, but I do have some advice for you... When I was a teenager (a couple years ago) I drank quite a bit, and guys loved it for the wrong reasons. Guys will show you attention, but that'ss not how to get a good guy. Respect yourself and don't do things you may regret telling your children one day.

    • Agreed :)

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What Guys Said 11

  • I don't mind a girl who drinks, as long as she's not a drunk. And a sloppy out of control drunk. I also don't mind if girls don't drink.

  • you are not old enough to drinkdrinking at your age will:cause weight gaincause more breakoutscause you to be shorter than you would be without drinkingIt also could:make you do something you are embarrassed about latervomit... a lotget really really sickdieLook I started drinking at 16. Here I am at 25 wishing I hadn't, but the past is past.I will tell you my perspective at 16 though. Think superbad. Now think McLovin's plot line.I would also like to point out that in that movie, the main girl... didn't drink.

    • Im wayy confused haha

  • absolutely, guys love girls that drink. They just won`t let their family meet them.

    • Confused?

    • They will become embarassed of you if you drink a lot.

    • Ohh I see haha :)

  • Girls (or people in general) who get flat out drunk don't really respect themselves. Who would really push themselves to that point if they did? Now a girl that enjoys a glass or two, that's not bad.

  • If it's a little, here and there, it's ok.

    • Sounds good :)

  • Seeing as how you're underage, using what guys like to decide whether or not to drink is really f***ing stupid. Have confidence, initiative, and a personality of your own. Every thing else flows from that - including whether or not a guy likes you.

    • No I'm not saying that at all. Because iam 17 and I do party and I do drink and I just wanted to know if guys think that is a ugly flaw in a girl. plus I only drink on the weekends when I'm goign out.

  • I don't think just because a girl doesn't drink, it classifies her as "good". Or that girls who drink are automatically "bad". It doesn't work like that. It's what they do that matters. If they happen to only do certain things when they're drunk, then we might like them because of that (or not). It's got nothing to do with the actual fact that they drink. At least that what I think. o.oI'll tell you this though, I wouldn't want a girlfriend who gets drunk all the time.

    • How about on the weekends at parties? if that's the only time they drink what would you think?

    • Then I wouldn't mind. As long as she doesn't change into a completely different person that is difficult to talk to, or she drinks so much that she doesn't remember anything about hanging out with me, then it's OK.Only time I'd be OK with her getting REALLY drunk, is if we both agreed on getting smashed together, and going crazy. I don't drink though, but it'd be something I'd be willing to do. xD

    • Lol that sounds like fun. because I only drink on the weekends and I don't change, I'm still friendly I still act the same. and I like it when me and a person agree to get smashed together its so fun :)

  • Yes I like girls who drink because I look more attractive to them, I also like to drink, I also know when you wake up the next morning noone looks as good as they did the night before...

    • Well that's lovely I guess? haha

    • Ahaha!

    • Lol

  • I don't like girls that don't drink being from were I'm from(ireland) that's quite rare and I also don't like girls who get sh*tfaced like a lot of girls here!

    • I don't like getting sh*tfaced..i just like to get a little drunk unless I decide to get hammered with someone.

  • Do you get horny when you drink?

    • Yess lol Why?

    • Then yes I like when girls drink

    • I knew you was gonna say that haha

What Girls Said 2

  • Depends on the guy, and depends how far your taking it.

    • I agree :)

  • Who cares what the guys like. I like drinking and if a guy doesn't like it he can go f*ck off because he probably has a stick up his ass anyway. Drinking doesn't make anyone good or bad, I consider myself a good girl and I like to go out and drink and have a good time and no one's gonna stop me from doing that.

    • You go girl :)

    • Well, It could possibly make you bad if you lose enough control over yourself that you do something bad... And if you don't drink there is no chance of that happening unless you just make a coherently bad decision :)

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